Xiringuito Excriba24 Hours of Barcelona Gourmet   |  Barcelona, Spain  |  During my recent and brief visit to Barcelona, community of Catalunya, I managed to find some time to spend enjoying the outstanding cuisine, and also I scouted a few MUSTS for my next visit. I must say that this time, these were not my findings, but the expert suggestions of my friend and colleague Barcelona connoisseur Sònia Graupera. As I often joke with her, all this venues are Graupix Approved. 
Xiringuito Excriba Xiringuito ExcribaFirst stop was an fantastic lunch at the beach, at Xiringuito Escriba. Xiringuito, for those of you not familiar with the term, is a restaurant on the beach, in the case of Barcelona facing the Mediterranean.
Xiringuito ExcribaThe owner, Joan Escribà (in the photo below with us), continues the tradition of the Escribà and Tholoniat families, who are renowned in the pastry cooking world of Barcelona and Paris. Joan’s enthusiasm and his innovative vision of service and cuisine have converted the Xiringuito into a culinary landmark for style on the city’s beachfront.
Xiringuito ExcribaHere you will find the perfect place to enjoy a large number of seafood dishes in a modern and intimate atmosphere where rice is the star ingredient. Come and try our selection of tapas and entrées, or savor a plate of seafood while we prepare your paella. Our choices for the afternoon were: Boquerones + Octopus + Patatas Bravas and of course one of their signature dishes the Escriba Special Paella.
Xiringuito Excriba Xiringuito Excriba Xiringuito Excriba Xiringuito Excriba Xiringuito ExcribaThe desserts add a sweet finale to the meal, before taking a pleasant walk along the beach, or just to enjoy the sea view from the table and prolong the pleasure by trying some of our delicious cocktails or the wine under their own label.

Xiringuito ExcribaAfter that, both Sonia and I, went for a lovely walk along th beach and by the Villa Olimpica, enjoying the Spring like weather.
Espai Kru RestaurantFor that same night, unfortunately not enjoying her company, Sonia had another fantastic option lined for me. This time a classic High Gourmet experience, at Espai Kru Restaurant. Espai (space) Kru (raw). High gourmet in Barcelona, does not mean an ostentatious venue, or a formal ambiance. High gourmet in Barcelona has to do solely with the food. The quality, the presentation and overall the final product on the table. The restaurant is located steps away from Plaza de España and approx. 30 minutes walk from Paseo de Gracia.
Espai Kru RestaurantHave you ever felt shivers down your spine after a gourmet experience ? Well I had at Espai Kru. The mix of flavors, textures, temperatures only matched by the gorgeous presentation and the instructions on how to eat each dish, make it to an unique and unforgettable experience. I mean, I could not stop ordering dishes, and I even ventured to try things, I have never before. Like Sea Urchins, and OMG why haven’t I tried this piece of heaven on your mouth before.
Espai Kru Restaurant Espai Kru Restaurant Espai Kru Restaurant Espai Kru Restaurant Espai Kru Restaurant Espai Kru RestaurantThe origin. The beginning of everything. Just live and raw. Cold. Then came marinades, dressings and salted. Sashimi, carpaccio and tartar. A forged by history, Atlantic, American, Arab, Asian Nordic and Mediterranean culture. The source of drinking gastronomy. The source of drinking Baixas. A space for working without fire. The Espai Kru. But for those of you that are fans of the fire, no worries, they do have some options for you too. But I sticked to the KRU myself.
Espai Kru RestaurantAnd now here a few MUST try for my next visit. First of all the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant by Chef Jordi Cruz, located at the base of the Tibidabo, the ABaC Restaurant. For a formal and exquisite lunch or dinner.
ABaC Restaurant & Hotel ABaC Restaurant & HotelAnd then, please pay attention to this street, perhaps the most exciting and recent gourmet zip code in Barcelona, off Paseo de Gracia. Passatge de la Concepció, with particular attention to Petit Comite, Boca Grande and Boca Chica and El Tragaluz. Bon Appetit. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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