A Beach Day in Saint Martin  |  Saint Martin  |  If there is something that made me stay in Saint Martin, other than the lovely La Samanna by Orient-Express, was the incredible white sanded, blue transparent waters over both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. My favorites were all those on the Caribbean bay, since they are rather quiet, although with a strong current, great temperature and stunning vivid colors. Quite a daunting task, to explore an entire island in just four days, so I did what I know best when it comes to getting a global idea of a new destination, I hired a local guide to take me around and show me his favorite places… 

Unfortunately, due to rough winds and sailing conditions, I was not able to visit Pinel Island nor Tintamarre, which are supposed to be the two gems of Saint Martin, but I certainly made up with my daily swim and sunbathing sessions at Baie Longue. Almost all of my favorite beaches are located on the French side of Saint Martin, with exception to Maho Beach, located on the Dutch side.

Maho Beach has a particular appeal, located at the en of the Princess Juliana International Airport runway, is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Maybe relaxing is not the word for this spot, but certainly unique, being able to almost touch the airplanes as they land. The most impressive are when KLM and Air France land over Sunset Beach and Bar. Check out my post here on Sunset Beach here.

Cupecoy, is a series of small beaches backed by sandstone cliffs. Know to be a clothing optional spot in the island, with very calm waters. Cupecoy is separated from Baie Longue by a tongue of land that comes into the Caribbean Sea. Although I did not spend time at Cupecoy, I could see it everyday from my Vila. See the photo above.

Orient Bay, following with the trend of the nudist beaches, this is another option in the island. To be fully honest, this option to me felt like a nightmare, full of tourist one next to the other, bars and restaurants over the beach. Not my idea of a relaxing getaway. It is one of the most famous beaches in Saint Martin along with Maho Beach. Some of the activities, same as most other spots are: paragliding, jet skiing, snorkeling…

The funny note about this beach is that both the nudist and conventional beaches, coexists, being divided just by one big billboard. Right next to the billboard you have naked people chatting with the rest of the visitors.

Grand Case, know as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean, has a beautiful bay, that mostly should be enjoyed pre/during/post lunch or dinner. Over and along Grand Case street, you have some of the best gourmet options of the island, from the fancy and classy as Ocean 82, to the very unique and local Lolos.

Le Galion, Oyster Pond and Coralina Beach, rival most of the options in the island for the breathtaking views. Due to the shallowness and calmness of the water, allows you to walk. Here you can also enjoy surfing once beyond the protection of the ocean reefs. For those looking to master this sport, you will be happy to find the official Quicksilver Surfing School.

But I have to say that my heart and 80% of my time, I spent it at my favorite spot and beach in the island, Baie Longue. A very long beach lined with private properties and site of my beautiful resort La Samanna.

Plenty of water activities at Baie Longue, from Wave Runners exploring the entire island, including Sympson Bay Lagoon, to swimming, snorkeling, private sailing among many other, that if you choose not to lay and relax at your private Cabana in the beach. Even sunsets are stunning, either seen from the comfort of your room, at the Trellis Restaurant or at the Lounge Bar.
 The great thing about Saint Martin, is that all beaches are public, therefore anyone can access. Some are rather isolated and with difficult access, and this is the case of Baie Longue for those not staying at La Samanna. The rest of the beaches are only accessible by hiking, and either appear and disappear, according to the tides and seasons. TIP one great spot to see the beach is from Port Louis, in Marigot, but that is for another post. Stay tuned.
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