A full afternoon exploring Brighton  |  Brighton, UK  |  Looking for alternative short day trips, during your next visit to London? Well you might as well consider Brighton. Only 50 minutes away from Victoria Station or London Bridge, to discover this vibrant and beach side destinations, where quality of life and outdoor social gathering is one of the highlights, to be at The Lanes, the Royal Pavilion Parks, Brighton Pier or the Gay District.

The Royal Pavilion, one of the prides of King George IV, is just by itself worth the trip. Both outdoor and indoor, show the great taste and grand way of living of this King, known for  his extravagant lifestyle. The entry fee to the Royal Pavilion is of (£9,80) giving you access to all the areas, even those that only a few, where able to access or visit in his days. They provide you with a multilingual Audio Guide, very interesting.
 To highlight are: the Dinning Room with an spectacular chandelier and table for over 30 guest in full luxury and debauchery. The Kitchen which was surprisingly advanced for its times. The Dancing Room, once again featuring amazing chandeliers, with a very Asian influence. (unfortunately no photos are allow inside the house, but below is a painting of what the main dinning room would look like, and I have to say that it does not portrait AT ALL the beauty of this room as seen in person.)
Brighton Pier, original form in 1823 was an Old Chain Pier which was primarily used as a landing stage for  passenger ships that sailed from Dieppe in France. Today modern retailing and entertainment facilities, but still preserving the historic structure. Two famous thrill rides, Booster lets you experience the force of over 3.6G’s in 2.8 seconds, at over 130 feet in the air it rotates you 360 degrees before plunging back towards Brighton Pier.
Brighton Beach Promenade, voted one of the Top 10 city beach break destinations in the world, Brighton & its beachfront cool are legendary. I would risk to say, for many reasons, that Brighton is to London, as Sitges to Barcelona, but yet not well promoted internationally.
Gay District, Brighton has now long been known as Britain’s number one gay resort. Kemptown is known as the ‘gay village’ and has a thriving and diverse scene. There’s something for everyone. Why not bring your loved one and have a commitment ceremony. You can even rent some of the rooms at the Royal Pavilion.

The Lanes, crammed with quaint and wondrous shops and funky restaurants and cafes, the Brighton Lanes are best wandered lazily and explored as you find them. Some great restaurants like Terra Terra (vegetarian), Moshi Moshi (sushi), Fishy Fishy Brasserie. I know right… they have a thing with repeating words on the names of restaurants. And a MUST is to stop by Cloud 9 for Ice Cream and/or Cup Cakes.
How do get there from London? Easy, just take the train either from Victoria (more expensive) or London Bridge Stations, and it will take you approximately 50 minutes to get there. Coaches are modern and comfortable, with the option of Economy or First Class. TIP do not waste extra pounds on the First Class service, not worth it for just 50 minutes, other than if you are planning to travel on peak hours and you do want to make sure you will have a seat. Buy you ticket online and on Off Peak hours (appox. £10 round trip). If you purchase your ticket at the Station, they almost double the price, for some inexplicable reason. CM

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