Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonA regular and a new Gourmet option in London  |  London, UK  |  On my recent trip to London, other that continuing my search for the ultimate Afternoon Tea experience, I have time to include a new gourmet experience, and my regular classic for lunch at the Wolseley Restaurant
Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonThis new option was suggested for dinner, by our local friends, who actually joined us for a fun table and night. The Club Room at Bob Bob Ricard. They had been weeks before, and they loved it. But to their surprise, when we got to order, the menu had changed fully. The Club Room is the new evening-only dining room, offering all the class and elegance of Bob Bob Ricard in a decadent red-and-gold colour scheme with luxury booth seating and the famous “press for champagne” button at every table. Very chic and private. Unfortunately the menu and final product on the table, was not as spectacular as the rest of the experience, it wasn’t bad bad, but was not leaving to the expectations. This is a new venue, so perhaps they still need sometime to settle down and simmer right. The Club Room, located in SOHO, promotes itself as English and Russian, but not quite. The venue is very interesting, ideal for a private events, but perhaps next time I would come more on a tapas and drinks plan, rather than a full dinner. I mean, once you walk into the restaurant, your expectation build way high. As you are invited to go downstairs and join the private Club Room, they even go higher… but unfortunately as the night unfolds, the experience deflates. Great atmosphere, very chic and cool design, very private, and of course our table shared with great friends, made the difference.

Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonThe famous “press for champagne” button at every table, has a kick, I agree. But for people like me, that are not crazy about Champagne, it does not go beyond the concept and the first couple of photos and jokes. Yes I confessed ” I don’t like Champagne”… quite shocking right ha ha ha … I am a Martini person. 
Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonOn the upper floor is the main restaurant, separate from the exclusive Club Room where we had out gathering. Bob Bob Ricard Menu says to offer luxury English and Russian classics. The ingredients are sourced from small, traditionally run farms, dairies, fisheries and family-owned producers mainly in the British Isles. Again food was just OK, but we were all expecting much much more. Even the cocktails weren’t living to their description, like the Oyster Martinis which were blunt, and some where left on the table, over to wine.
Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant London Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant London Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant London Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant London Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant London Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonMy choices for the night were: Salmon Tartare garnished with cucumber, fennel and horseradish. Baked Oyster Brezhnev which we order for the table to share, baked with parmesan and black truffle, which BTW were exquisite. And a soup. I wasn’t quite inspired by the menu, so I went with the basics. Nevertheless, we had a lovely time with our four local friends, pre New Years Eve. I truly liked the venue and the atmosphere, so I think in the future I will give them a second chance.
Wolseley Restaurant LondonNow no the other hand, one that never disappoints, is my classic for lunch when in London, The Wolseley Cafe and Restaurant. I love the venue, the location next to the Ritz London and Green Park, and the food. We came for lunch on our last day, along with our host and dear friend, and we had a blast. This should be on your Gourmet Bucket list for London.  Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

Wolseley Restaurant LondonWolseley Restaurant London Wolseley Restaurant London Wolseley Restaurant London Wolseley Restaurant London

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