Carlos Melia in San FranciscoA very busy week working and enjoying San Francisco  |  San Francisco, United States  |  I am lucky enough to spend quite some time in San Francisco throughout the year, and every time I come I am blown away by the restaurant scene, which is my absolutely favorite thing to do when I visit. My last two visits were mostly for work, and to attend The Modern Ball 2016 – the social event of San Francisco – this year paired with the opening gala dinner of the SFMOMA ( aka. MOMA of San Francisco ) San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art ), where my husband RUBINSINGER, was dressing over a dozen of the most influential women of the social scene of San Francisco. Hope you enjoy my report on this experience. You can also check and follow me on Instagram to see all my past-current-future posts and experiences while in San Francisco #GPSCarlosMeliaSanFrancisco

So first of all and most importantly, How did I fly ? from New York to San Francisco. Well of course I did, with American Airlines, enjoying the new Business Class Service. The flight is approx. 5 hours and 30 minutes. Flat bed, great entertainment system and WIFI.

Second, Where did I stayed ?. When I travel, I like to change hotels to try different options. This time I chose three of my favorite properties in San Francisco, all located conveniently close to Union Square, since we came to do a Personal Appearance for my husband RUBINSINGER at Neiman Marcus and for the opening Gala Diner of the SOFA. First (above) the Ritz Carlton San Francisco. There we had a lovely and spacious Concierge Level King Room. When you book the Concierge Level, you enjoy all the 24 hours Food & Beverage services at the private lounge. This was my first time staying with them, and I loved it. I was not crazy about the menu at the Lobby Restaurant, but other than that, all was lovely. Our second stay (below) was at a classic of my visits to San Francisco, the Palace Hotel – A Luxury Collection Hotel. I love this hotel, and the breakfast room is just GORGEOUS. Here we had a stunning Corner Suite. I wish we could have had more time to stay at this property.

And finally, on the day/night of The Modern Ball Gala at the SOFA San Francisco, we took the Presidential Suite at the St Regis San Francisco, given it is only one block away from the museum, and we hosted a cocktail with all the women wearing RUBINSINGER to the gala dinner. This is my second stay at the St Regis, and here you can see my previous post and visit.

St Regis San Francisco

Where did we eat ? Well I must say we did PLENTY of that, and of all types. I mean San Francisco it might as well be consider the food capital of the United States. On this trip, we tried some classics – you can see on my previous posts, but also new options you need to know about.

First gourmet stop, might as well be in Chinatown. Right ? Here we tried two options. The bran new Mister Jiu’s by Brandon Jew – trendy and hip Chinese Restaurant,  and then R & G Lounge – my favorite BTW, with local and rustic Cantonese experience. Well not so rustic, since we chose to stay at the elegant upstairs banquet room. Here you can have the specialties like Princess Chicken, Pekin Duck and the Crab. 

Four of the best findings, we found thanks to our local friends, where Wayfare Tavern ( serving American fare in a British pub-style setting), Liho Liho Yacht Club ( the hot table in San Francisco right now mixing Hawaiian-Indian-Chinese food  ), Zuni Cafe ( bustling Market Street bistro serving famous roast chicken & other wood-fired eats ) and The Slanted Door ( for Vietnamese food over the bay ) .   You must try all of them.

These two restaurants – next – I found them while walking around town and killing time. I did not stay to enjoy a full meal with them, but I both I did enjoy a lovely chilled glass of white wine and some tapas, and in both cases I loved the ambiance, crowd and location. First Cala Restaurant ( high-end Mexican cuisine, seafood & cocktails ) steps away from the San Francisco Opera.  And Rose’s Cafe ( All-day cafe with outdoor seating & Italian fare, including a signature breakfast pizza ) – in Pacific Heights.

Now, without a doubt, the Grand Dame gourmet experience of our trip, was our elegant 2 Michelin – 14-Courses dinning experience at Relais & Chateaux Restaurant Quince. Californian contemporary cuisine that celebrates the seasonal bounty of Northern California by Chef Michael Tusk. Quite a lovely evening.
QUINCE Restaurant

For after dinner drinks, we joined our local friends, at The Battersy Private Members Club. Quite a beautiful and fund destination.

What did i do and see ? Well I walked around by the beach, and I always end up getting myself – intended – back to the Golden Gate Park. I mean, you can never get enough of this views.

Then for some strange reason, when I am in San Francisco, I get the craving for shopping. It is fun, it is easy and it is chic. So I did some shopping around Union Square. And this time I discover a new favorite at Wingtip. I ended up buying a gorgeous new Dunhill raincoat.

I took a walk by the Golden Gate Park, visiting the Japanese Gardens, and they on to the Young Museum to see the Oscar de la Renta ” Retrospection ” exhibit, which quite frankly was rather unimpressive.Spent a GORGEOUS day in Palo Alto ( approx. 1 hour away from San Francisco ) visiting friends and clients.
Palo Alto

Now it was highly time to do some work right. Early morning interview at Wingtip Cigar Lounge, followed by RUBINSINGER Personal Appearance and Trunk show at Neiman Marcus San Francisco.

And finally, my favorite part of the entire trip. The Modern Ball 2016 Gala Dinner for the opening of the SFMOMA – San Francisco Modern Art Museum. The social event of the year. My husband RUBINSINGER was dressing over a dozen high-profile socialites. The evening began over Dirty Martinis at our Presidential Suite at the St Regis San Francisco, and off we went for a private viewing of the museum. followed by a cocktail, dinner and after party. FUN FUN night.

And I am back in New York, home sweet home, ready for my next adventure. Hope you’ve enjoyed my post. I cannot wait to be back in San Francisco. , which luckily enough, happens quite often yearly. You can also check and follow me on Instagram to see all my post-current-future posts and experiences while in San Francisco #GPSCarlosMeliaSanFrancisco. Till next travel experience. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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