Air Asia left me behind in Delhi  |  India  |  Hey Bangkok, it seems that I won’t be arriving tomorrow as planned, same as many other passengers of flight FD 3797 from New Delhi to Bangkok. Air Asia arbitrarily decided to move their flight schedule without letting us know. Yes you read right they literally left us behind, but trust me…. not stranded. I mean what would be the point discussing this… I am not stupid and I think none of the other passengers are either, why would I show up to a flight, which was supposed to depart at 11.40PM, if I knew that the flight was being moved to a new earlier departure time at 08.20PM. These are the moments in life when I truly appreciate being a travel agent, having a strong voice into the international travel media, and most important knowing my rights as a full paid passenger, regardless the airline being a low cost or  premium. Of course Air Asia immediately tried to blame it on me, but I told them differently straight out. Left behind maybe, but stranded NO WAY Air Asia. Big disruption into my itinerary, and I was really looking forward waking up tomorrow at my beloved Bangkok, but instead I have to stay one extra night in New Delhi. Lucky enough and due to my demands, my flight was modified and I was given a complimentary stay at a five-stars hotel, late check out, transfers in/out, free WiFi access and breakfast. My dear followers, please learn your rights as a traveller and check all the conditions on your tickets upon purchase and before departure. Much better, use a trustworthy Travel Agent, that is what we travel experts are here for. Good Night everyone, once again and unexpectedly from New Delhi. Hopefully Air Asia tomorrow will decide to stick to their regular schedule. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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