AirBaltic exorbitant Hidden Fees Airline   |  Airlines  |  Sometimes I ask my self, how do this wonderfull airlines manage to have fares sometimes upto 50% lower than regular ones. either there is a hidden trick, or regular airlines are overcharging way too much. Well the truth is none of the above, the truth is that the low cost concept is a total scam, full of hidden and overpriced fees pf which you end up as their victim, once you at the airport hostage of a situation without anyone to assist or protect you rights.
So you buy the concept of low cost airlines, go to their websites and find EUR 55 fares to fly from Paris to Riga and another x amount of Euros to connect to Stockholm. You get excited, and that is when you fell in the trap. Even people like me, avid travelers sometimes get screwed airlines like this.
Once you get to the airport, then the show begins. So get ready for what it will hit you.  Most low cost airlines should be called or refered as “Hidden Fees Airlines“.
This was my case with AirBaltictoday, flying Paris to Stockholm via Riga in Latvia. I got to the check IN counter at Charles de Gaulle, and as soon as the agent saw me and my bags he was drooling over the fact that he was going to reach his daily quota, with another international traveler, tricked by the low cost scam.FYI I had 2 pieces of luggage. (1 suitcase and 1 carry on, for a total weight 39 kg). So I said to my self, ok Carlos, you know the game, they will charge you EUR 20 per bag and maybe a little extra weight, after all you are not that overweighted. I mean travelling for over 3 weeks across Europe, with 39 kg does not sound crazy AT ALL, does it.?

The agent tells me, well I need to charge you for two pieces of luggage (which your total allowance of weight per person is 20 kg) Just ridiculous. And on top of that 19 kg of extra luggage. So I looked at him and I say in the coolest way ever, ok just charge it.  He replied to me, well I need to explain you the charges… And that is when I knew they were going to rip me off big time, and so they did BIGGGG TIME

To make this joke, excuse me story meant to say, short this is what they charged me, of course needless to say, on top of the EUR 280 that I paid for my OW ticket, which YES was INDEED quite reasonable.

2 Pieces of luggage EUR 60. Extra Weight EUR 570 (yes you read right. Imagine my face). My first thought was, Thank God I am only flying one way and not round trip with them, otherwise it would have been over EUR 1014 of just extra luggage.

You work so hard to make your money, and thieves like this just take the money from you without any shame. The worst part is that the official authorities allow them to do this. I would like to know, who regulates that each extra kili is valued EUR 30. Plain,simply and excuse my English… fucking ridiculous, total rip off.

I will let you to make your own conclusions, but as for me is concerned, I cannot let this happen without warning all of you. If you are visiting Europe and traveling with fairly reasonable amount of luggage, stay away from AirBaltic, or prepare to go through the same I did… A TOTAL AND SHAMELESS RIP OFF.

At least I would not feel this impotence if I would have spent the money in clothing, a great night stay in a luxury hotel, a beautiful dinner or a fabulous travel experience.

So now you know… Low cost airlines like AirBaltic trick you to think they are an affordable option to fly, but in the end they charge you the same or sometimes more than regular airlines, over Hidden Fees. Stay away from them.!!! Or certainly from AirBaltic. I am not going to lie, the flight was very good, despite that of course they do not even give you a glass of water for free on board…. But I do not like companies that lie and abuse their clients, so I DO NOT ENDORSE nor RECOMMENDS flying AirBaltic. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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