Al Aljami Restaurant Paris www.carlosmeliablog.comAl-Ajami Lebanese Restaurant  |  Paris, France  |  This post is going to be very brief and to the point. If you love Lebanese food as much as I do, while in Paris, you must visit Al-Ajami Restaurant. Located off Avenue George V in Etoile, only steps away from my hotel for the night the Prince de Galles. There were so many amazing dishes, that I was not able to make up my mind, therefore the best option was to go for the Degustation Menu (EUR 49), and I did… AND it was superb. So that I would have gone for a second round. The venue is just alright, but the food makes up for everything. Mezze, Orient Niceties, warmed pasties, brochettes grilled on barbecues (chawarma, kaftan and taouk) and to end a farandole of desserts “Al-Aljami”. 58, rue François 1er (angle 1, rue Lincoln). I kept such a great ethnic taste in my mouth, that the following night I followed my path to a different region, when perhaps I just wanted to return to Al-Ajami, but my next stop was Le 404 Moroccan RestaurantCarlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

Al Aljami Restaurant Paris Al Aljami Restaurant Paris Al Aljami Restaurant Paris
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