Amulet and Talisman Market in Bangkok  | Bangkok, Thailand  |  During your visit to the ChinaTown in Bangkok, which by the way, prides itself to be the oldest ChinaTown in the entire world, you must save sometime to visit the Amulet Market. Located next to the Wat Mahathat, between Maharat Road and the river, the biggest amulet market in Bangkok. Mingle with the local crowd, monks and tourist and be amazed by the things you will find and surprised by those that people praise to.

The busiest time of the week to visit is on Sundays when hundreds of people flock to the market in search for that amulet which will bring a specific kind of luck — to get the girl, to pass your exams, to keep bugs out of your rice stock, or to ward off your mother-in-law. Options are unlimited and open to your believes. This is the old and traditional Amulet Market. There is also a new one close to the Golden Mount, but I felt this one was more real and local, right in the heart of ChinaTown and next to one of the oldest shrines in the city as it is Wat Mahathat, worth visiting.

What is the slight difference between an Amulet and a Talisman, you may be asking your self. ? Well Amulets (known as par), represent the image of a monk, which might be dead or alive, in the form of a small portrait or bust. Talisman (known as kreung rang), are any other type of holy symbols that may go from the classic Buddhas, elephants like Ganesh, monkeys… to the extreme of male penis as you can see on the photo above, representing fertility and power.
Known as palad khik, penis talismans are a common sight in Thailand worn by men or on display in homes and restaurants. Special thanks to Douglas and Mickey at Purple Dragon Travel for assisting me with this amazing full day tour of the City of Bangkok, by the hand of local, charismatic and knowledgeable guides.Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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