ANDES Airlines descentralizing Argentina  |  Argentina  |  For the first time today I have flown ANDES Airlines, an airline with headquarters in the province of Salta (north of Argentina). One of the many new airlines opening in Argentina, that have come to decentralize the flight system of this country. With already 4 years in the market, ANDES with its distribution HUB in the Salta, has dally regular and charter flights connecting many points of Argentina. Some of the most relevant are: the chance to connect from the city of Salta to the Iguazu Falls, and what brings me today to test their service… the daily non-stop flight between Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn in the province of Chubut. ( land of the Whales, Penguins and Seals ).

The fleet of ANDES consists in 4 McDonnell Douglas MD80 and 2 brand new Bombardier that have arrived this year. A fast pace growing company, that is here to stay and redefine the air traffic of this country, along with other similar airlines.

ANDES Airlines, flies to Esquel, San Carlos de Bariloche, Salta, Jujuy, Cordoba, Iguazu Falls, and charter seasonal flights to Brazil, Venezuela and Chile.

Been There Done That by CM • (flight Buenos Aires / Puerto Madryn – 1hs. 40min) My experience overall was more than satisfactory and I might say why…. (1). you can easily purchase your ticket only, (2). It is a non-top and direct flight from the domestic airport of Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn. The case is not the same if you choose to flight the competition, which only gets to Trelew (1 hs. away by bus from Puerto Madryn). (3). Price wise it is very reasonable and affordable. (4). The onboard service is very professional and regardless of the length of your flight they serve a smalll snack and two rounds of beverages. The problems are that… (1). The plane took off 40 minutes after the scheduled time of departure (due to weather conditions at our destination, so they said… ha ha ha don’t they all say the same), (2). The peach between seats is MINIMUM… I know it is only an 1hs. 40min. flight, but hey I was crammed into the seat and could barely move. Thank god the airline is not that popular yet and almost half the plane was empty, and the two seats next to me were open. (3). The check IN process makes you think two times wether you are flying or just taking a bus to your destination. Very informal and the seat assignments and tags are all made by hand and with an old school style rooster.

Other than that…. I am know happy and safe in Puerto Madryn ready to start my new adventure and share with you all my new Chronicles of a Gay Traveler in Puerto Madryn Argentina. Now I am off to Hotel Territorio, my host hotel for the length of my stay. Stay tuned !!!! CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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