Arnold P. Customer Feedback Argentina and Uruguay  |  Germany  |  Hi Carlos, thanks for checking – still shell shocked here after arriving back in winter but it seems to be getting warmer so there is hope ;) A quick summary of my view points/feedback: Overall we are very happy with the holiday…Buenos Aires was excellent. An amazing city with lots of things to do and experience. The apartments we had were great – perfect location and with the pool we could relax a bit as well. The tour operator you picked was excellent – really knowledgeable and fun & relaxed guys! We definitely recommend them. In terms of restaurants we liked Green Bamboo and also Divinas in San Telmo. But overall we have been very lucky with food anywhere we went really… Design CE hotel was a nice basic hotel (not sure what they mean by design it is certainly peculiar ;) in a nice location. We felt Recoleta was more like a European city with all the infrastructure etc. compared to Palermo. The hotel staff was very friendly but a pool was dearly missed. We ended up in the public pool by the airport on our last weekend where our feet where checked for fungus ;) Luckily we all got in :) We all loved Casa los Jasmines and had a nice time in Colonia del Sacramento.The host did an amazing job to make us feel at home. It is definitely one of the best days of the holidays! We would have like to stay another night there but considering it is very pricey we skipped that. Punta del Este is not a destination I/we would pick again. In fact I think most Europeans will be disappointed with it. It reminded us of Miami but without the diverse atmosphere at Norwegian price levels. We still had a very nice time there and our hotel (Kala boutique) located in La Barra was a great choice and we felt comfortable and relaxed there. It is set at the back of LaBarra a bit away from the shabby main road (only highlight there Cafe Flo). The area we really liked (and where we found the nicest restaurants too) was Jose Iganacio. The Juanito beach there is also nice. You did a great job with organizing everything and picking the right places.

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