Arthur Hotel JerusalemArthur Hotel Jerusalem  |  Jersusalem. Israel  |  The Arthur hotel is a boutique property by the Atlas Hotel Group,  located on the famous Dorot Rishonim Street in the newly refurbished pedestrian area of Ben–Yehuda, The Arthur Hotel offers the perfect vantage point from which to immerse yourself in the romance of today’s enchanting Jerusalem, a historic city pulsating with fresh perspective and beauty. 

Arthur Hotel JerusalemThe Arthur Hotel is a classic. A hotel where vintage appeal meets contemporary hospitality , a place that captures the enduring spirit of Jerusalem. And this was quite important for me, since I was in Jerusalem only for a few hours, with lots to see. I must say, that staying at this hotel was not my own decision. And when I arrived on the evening, tired after a long flight from New York and a 4o minutes drive from Tel Aviv, I was not quite thrilled with the hotel. But as the night went through and the following day, I fall for the hotel, and I would not doubt coming back again on future visits. During my stay I saw several luxury hotels, don’t get me wrong, they were all gorgeous, but most of them at the same time, could be found at any major city around the world, not quite telling you a story about such a special destination. This for me a the definition of luxury, away from the obvious cliches.

Arthur Hotel Jerusalem Arthur Hotel Jerusalem Arthur Hotel JerusalemAll 54 rooms all look practical the same. Only one class of rooms. Arthur Hotel, named after Lord Balfour, has been carefully designed to reflect the diverse cultural influence that have been made on Jerusalem throughout the ages. Great location, friendly welcoming service, wonderful breakfast featuring local delights and the perfect value.

Arthur Hotel Jerusalem Arthur Hotel Jerusalem Arthur Hotel JerusalemThe decor, as well as the photographs that adorn the walls, date back to the beginning of the 20th Century and will transport you back to a world rich in nostalgia and old world charm.

Arthur Hotel JerusalemISRAEL Travel Group hosted by Carlos Melia 2015. If you would love to experience this and much more, join me on a journey to Israel and Jordan in 2015. For more information contact me directly @ This trip was made possible by the support and invitation of both the Tourism Office of Israel and a Tel Aviv based tour operator OUTStanding Travel. – See more at: Melia Luxury Travel Curator –
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