Baan Khanitha Restaurant  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Try one of the great Thai Gourmet options of Bangkok, high quality authentic Thai food in traditional atmosphere, providing the best service by well-trained staffs. Located next walking distance from the Sukhothai Hotel in the area of Sathorn. If you have the fortune to come with local friends, they will for sure order and assortment of Thai dishes that will blow your mind by the presentation, the colors, aromas and taste. Make sure to get the level of spiciness right to your preference, since locals love highly spicy food.
Baan Khanitha Restaurant is the brainchild of Khanitha Akaranitikul, an elegant lady who once made her name as a designer of beautiful fashion garments for her ‘Khanitha Thai Silk’ boutiques. With a homely Thai ambiance, the use of traditional and antique handicrafts and sculptures, paintings, plants, decor, and delicious Thai cuisine served in beautifully custom designed plates and dishes, Baan Khanitha is a success.

You will experience a true Thai tapas dinner, with lots of different dishes and tastes. My absolute favorite in Thailand is the use of cilantro, lime and lost of vegetables and rice. The ways to eat, is by taking a bit of everything, including different types of sauces. Spoon and fork in hand, is the classic manner of dinning.
My local friends ordered so much food that was impossible for me to keep track of all the dishes, especially once the wine started flowing, together with the spiciness of the dishes, where my mind just went away on a trip of flavors and perception. But I do remember having: Khung Lai Sua Phad Song Kruang Stir-fried tiger prawns with cashew nuts, gingko, jujube, roast chili, and crispy hot basil. Pla Hima Nueng Manao Steamed snow fish with chili, lime and garlic sauce, among many other things. Overall experience EXCELLENT. I would recommend trying it. Baan Khanitha – 69 South Sathorn Rd., Sathorn, Bangkok. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –


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