Big Buddha at Lantau Island |  Lantau Island, Hong Kong |  Come to Lantau Island and see the biggest outdoors seated Buddha of South East Asia. Very impressive and moving, even for those not professing Buddhism. It is very easy to get there from Kwoloon or Hong Kong Island, so no excuse not to t squeeze it into your itinerary. It is hard to express in words the feeling you get once from your cable car you have the first glance at this magnificent Buddha figure in the middle of the green mountains. 

I must admit that it is kind of sad and lame that the village where the Buddha is placed, has turn into a sort of theme park with Starbuck and other souvenir shops. But trust me once you walk by and see the Buddha, nothing comes in between you and him.
Ride the cable car to visit the must see attractions in Lantau Island, Po Lin Monastery and Big Buddha, to experience the Buddhism Culture.
If you look up to the southwest from Tei Tan square in the middle of the Po Lin Monastery plaza, you will see a flight of 268 steps leading to the world’s largest outdoor bronze statue – the Big Buddha. Walking up the steps, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Lantau and the South China Sea from the podium. The huge statue body is a breathtaking sight, and the kind smile on His face instills a sense of peacefulness. The Big Buddha sits solemnly atop the 482m Muk Yue Shan. The whole complex stands opposite to the monastery and is 6,547 m2 in size.
The planning of the Tian Tan Buddha started in 1976. Constructed by the China Aeronautic Department, the works were completed in 1993. It was selected as one of the “Ten Engineering Wonders in Hong Kong” and was awarded the “Merit of Unique Artistic Features” by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in 2000.

Featuring the pronounced facial expression of the Buddha and the statue craftsmanship of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Tian Tan Buddha was built with bronze and weighs over 250 tonnes. Gold was used for the face, portraying the beauty and solemnity of the Buddha. The right hand of the Buddha is held up as a “Fear-Not mudra”, a manifestation of the great vow to eliminate suffering from all sentient beings. The left hand is placed on the Buddha’s thigh with His palm facing out and fingers slightly pointing downwards. This is known as the “Wish-Granting mudra”, signifying the compassionate vow to grant happiness to all men. The Dharma cakra in the palm represents the everlasting turning of the Wheel of Dharma and the dissemination of the Dharma to every corner of the world.
Facing North, the Tian Tan Buddha statue is 34 metres high. It symbolises Sakyamuni, who meditated deeply under the Bodhi tree and attained enlightenment and awakening to true reality. The magnificent Tian Tan Buddha is the world’s largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue, which is located next to the Po Lin Monastery. Inside the pedestal of the Tian Tan Buddha there is a three-storey exhibition hall presenting a number of invaluable Buddhist items.

How to get there: either from Kwoloon or Hong Kong Island take the Subway to Tung Chung Station. Cable Car Terminal is adjacent to MTR’s Tung Chung Station. It is a two-minute walk from Exit B of the station. The cost is less that USD 1. The subway ride takes approximately 25 minutes.
Once there jump on the GNONG Ping 360 Cable Car, that in 15 minutes will take you on a panoramic ride to the Big Buddha. Here you have to options, the regular car or the Crystal Bottom Car. Of course I took and suggest the second one. The cost was Hong Kong Dollars 169 = USD 22.

More information on GONG Ping 360 Cable Car and the schedule of operations GONG Ping 360. Live from Hong Kong Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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