Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Blue Elephant is one of the most traditional Restaurants and Cooking Schools of Bangkok. It has been 30 successful years since the first Blue Elephant was opened, surprisingly in Brussels, Belgium, allowing foreign customers to fully experience a real taste of Thailand. 
Nooror Somany Steppe, is the inspiration and central person behind the success of Blue Elephant, constantly working as an ambassador advocating Thai cuisine and Thai culture to all whom she encounters around the world. Khun Nooror Steppe was born in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province. Growing up in these surroundings instilled in Nooror both the love and skills for cooking authentic Thai cuisine, but also a strong proficiency n creating new Thai dishes with authentic taste of traditional Thai cuisine.
Why Blue Elephant you might be asking yourself…. Blue: the royal color of the Thai Flag. Elephant: the national animal of Thailand, Also: “if you see a blue elephant you will never forget it”.One of the top Thai cuisine restaurant groups in the world, Blue Elephant is known by food lovers for three main highlights of Royal Thai cuisine. Authenticity, tradition and innovation and presentation. Consistently hight standards of quality.
Blue Elephant Cooking School opened in 2002 under the guidance of Khun Nooror Somany Steppe, founder and star chef of the group. When not traveling as a Thai Culinary Ambassador to the world, she will often be supervising or personally teaching. During our evening, we tasted many Thai traditional dishes and delights, hard to remember all all of them, since our host put together and impressive Thai degustation for us. The menu at the Blue Elephant is a rainbow of tradition and novelties. As such you will find dishes from the past, known as “Forgotten Recipes”, preparations from the present, known as “Blue Elephant Classics”, and innovations for the future. Some of the wonderful creations for which Khun Nooror Somany Steppe is well know are Foie Gras with Tamarind Sauce, Labb Salmon and Golden Tamarind Sorbet.
Both restaurant and cooking school, coexist at the lovely Thai Chine Building, built in 1903 and originally opened as the Bombay Department Store, in what was then the most exclusive and posh Bangkok neighborhood of its times. The building was conveniently located within walking distance from what were the two best hotels in Siam, The Royal Hotel and the illustrious Oriental Hotel. Cited by the Fine Arts Department, the building is an exceptional example of the colonial era architecture. Partially renovated in 2000.
Hosted, along Rubin Singer by the Editor in Chief and Publisher of L’Officiel Magazine Thailand, Khun Kusuma Chaiyaporn and her team, we truly enjoyed a lovely evening out in Bangkok.
One of the many highlights of the night, was to meet and share the table with Khun Sandra Steppe, manager and daughter of Thai star chef and founder. Nowadays, Blue Elephant counts with more than a dozen of branches in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Something to feature is the Ancient Thai Cuisine Cooking Course, where one of the menus in this course is the Massaman Curry, described by King Rama II in his poem about the charm of this dish …” Mussaman curry is like a lover. As peppery and fragrant as the cumin seed. Its exciting allure arouses. I am urged to seek its source…” . Check them out. !!! Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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