Boom Boom Room Standard Hotel New York |  Meat Packing District, New York | Come on… go ahead and just ask me. Carlos which is your absolute favorite Roof Top bar in New York so far? Well my friends, after tonight I would have to say that Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in NYC is the one.
Deadly combination of great atmosphere, design, crowd, views and music. What else, gay or straight can you ask for.? So far my absolute favorite roof top in NYC. On the 18th. floor of the Standard Hotel New York, with views of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan, and the city on the other side with the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.
But hhmmmm kind of brings me memories of my premium roof top bars in Hong Kong, but quite not there yet… anyhow between you and me….. I think they copied the bathroom concepts of the FELIX at The Peninsula in Kowloon. Just to say… watch out Philippe Stark. Those who know what I am talking about will understand.
I was there with my favorite and contemporary colleague Lyndsey Green, the Travel Agent of the starts. Little gossip, just between you and the other 70K people that read this blog, she is the private fantastic absolute VIP travel agent of Lady G. if you know who I am talking about…. yeah Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen. !!!
Anyhow and summarizing, are you in town… plan to spend a brief evening at the Boom Boom Room, decent drinks, Prosecco and cocktails. Hot bartenders, trendy gossip girls and lots of fun. Sorry it is just on the 18th. floor. Otherwise why bother going to the Top of the Rock right.
Reporting live from the TOP of Manhattan, with the best night panoramic views of the Hudson River with a glass of Prosecco in my hand. CM