Bariloche Friendly Map by Cristian Signorelli ( CM Travel Expert region San Carlos de Bariloche ). The first gay friendly map of the Argentinean Patagonia with all the information you will need to know to better enjoy the region of the southern lakes and San Carlos de Bariloche. BRC Friendly Map is distributed, free of cost, at over 150 points in the city of Bariloche (hotels, bars, restaurants, rent a car, information centers among others) as well as in other destinations and events all over Argentina. So please ask for you copy to your Travel Agent or feel free to request it online to me here.

In the back cover of this first edition of BRC Gay Map you will find the Bariloche Gay Group that we have planned for next NOVEMBER 2010, during which we will tour around the area of San Carlos de Bariloche, Villa la Angostura, San Martin de los Andes, the 7 Lakes Corridor and Lanin Volcano. For more information Gay Group Bariloche.

(*) The BRC Friendly Map is co-sponsored by the Bariloche EMPROTUR