Bryant Park Lunch Priceless  | New York, Bryant Park  | This is so funny. You people might think that the only thing I do all day is EATING and DRINKING. Well ,damn right I do….!!!!  and all is a research for you guys ;-).  This time I bring to you Bryant Park, the perfect summer/fall eatery, if you want to feel and mingle with the locals and keep your lunch budget… let’s say affordable while enjoyable.
This is my favorite spot away from the office, every time I have a chance and weather permits… and so do all other local New Yorkers. Lots of Eye-Candies, lots of Gourmet Options for all budgets and overall… the Bryant Park experience that you might as well enjoy a few month out of the year.
This is the drill you tourists…. Come around 2PM otherwise it will be PACKED. Your know Americans love to lunch and dine earlyyyy. Shop around for your favorite gourmet option…. my recommendations Chipotle of course, Hale and Hearty and Pret a Manger. What. ? you have to have your standards, even when lunching out at the Fresco. Trust me you will truly enjoy it. Bryant Park is on the corner of 42nd. Street and Avenue of Americas (6th. Avenue). Bon Appetit.!!!! CM