Caesarea first man-made portCaesarea first man-made port  |  Caesarea. Israel  |  Originally a Phoenician town, King Herod the Great built a resplendent city, to flatter the Roman empire, and name  it Caesarea, in honor to his patron and who placed him in power, Augustus Caesar. Roman, Samaritans and Jews, enjoyed the pleasures of the Roman world, water in plentiful (as I mentioned on my post on the Biblical city of Masada, Herod was known for being a mastermind of aqueducts).  When Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE.. Caesarea became the Roman provincial capital of Judea. 

Caesarea first man-made portOn our return from our morning exploring the city of Haifa in the north of Israel, be made a stop for lunch and sightseeing at Caesarea (I would say 30 minutes away). Then to continue back to Tel Aviv. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Port Cafe, main harbor restaurant, with panoramic views of the remains of what used to be, the first man-made harbor.

Caesarea first man-made port…” And when Herod observed that there was a city by the sea that was lost…. he built it all in white stone… and built a haven that was larger that Pireus… which he called Caesarea…” Caesarea was built over the old city called Stratton’s Tower. The construction of Caesarea and Sebastus, the harbor, took over 12 years.

Caesarea first man-made port
Caesarea first man-made portCaesarea first man-made portI was quite amazed by the beauty of the Hippodrome next to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I could just imagine the voices of the crowd and the chariots racing. King Herod was not popular with the Jew Aristocracy nor his subjects. But again he was a mastermind and genius, and created this Hippodrome, to entertain the masses and gain their respect.

Caesarea first man-made portCaesarea first man-made portThe Roman Theater or Amphitheater, was built following the Roman style, facing the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Caesarea’s amphitheater and hippodrome, two grand Roman monuments that are still intact and are reminiscent of Caesarea’s glorious past. The amphitheater was able to seat 15,000 viewers, making it the biggest performance venue in all of Israel. The amphitheater is still in use today with performances by Israel’s biggest stars held daily during the summer months. If you have the chance to stay for the sunset, you will truly enjoy the beauty of nature.
Caesarea first man-made port Caesarea first man-made port

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Caesarea first man-made port

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