Canopy and hiking at Mombacho Volcano  |  Granada, Nicaragua  |   One of the many attractions for which Nicaragua will become a very interesting destination for all type of travelers, looking for true experiences, are other than the beaches, the volcanos. Not ancient ones, like you will find in Africa for example, this only date to 3000 years ago, but still quite stunning, featuring incredible panoramic views of the Lake Nicaragua and Lake Apoyo
There are several options to explore, Masaya, Concepcion, Ometepe, but we came to do hiking a canopy at the Mombacho Volcano, two hours away by car from the MUKUL Resort, and about 30 minutes from Granada. Photo above you can see Lake Nicaragua, the Isletas and the town of Granada, from the top of the Mombacho.

The Mombacho Volcano (1,345 m) is a huge stratovolcano bordering Lake Nicaragua, close to Granada. The islets in the lake, called Las Isletas, are thought to be the result of an eruption of the Mombacho Volcano, thousands of years ago. Nowadays, the Mombacho Volcano is quiet and dense forest dominates the slopes. Nature and panoramic views characterize this volcano. This volcano is dormant.

The tour begins at the local Coffee Plantation, and from there you will move onwards to your hike and canopy. The Mombacho Volcano consists on four craters, of which we got to explore two of them, and walk the rim of two of them, experiencing the vapors and heat coming out the center of this giant, that dominates the view over Lake Nicaragua. You will pass several types of ecosystems while ascending this steep volcano.
From tropical dry forest you will move into a semideciduous tropical forest and around the summit there grows a highly productive wet tropical forest, also called cloud forest. On the highest peaks you can also observe a dwarf forest where trees never grow tall because of constant strong winds.

Now in full honesty, I truly enjoyed the tour, the biodiversity and the adrenaline of the canopy. But now, if you are looking more into the WOW factor rather than the hike, panoramic views of Lake Nicaragua and nature, maybe you should consider visiting the Concepcion or Masaya Volcanoes instead. Just FYI. The tour including the transfers in/out and lunch runs from USD 185 on.

The canopy experience was fun and I would say safe enough for anyone to make it. There are two the the lines that might be an issue for some which are the Tarzan pendular line and the last drop from the tree to the ground. A great half day out in connection with the nature. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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