> Carlos Melia (37)
Travel Agent by core, Blogger and Tourism/ Hospitality Marketing Consultant. For many, I am considered to be of the TOP gurus and experts in Gay Travel and Hospitality Marketing Worldwide. For others, I have been a pioneer in Gay Travel to South America. For my colleagues a NGTA – Next Generation of Travel Agents… but what it matters to me I am Carlos Melia (37) Citizen of the World. I have been around the world two times already and I am going for the next round. 

I am a proud and active member of two of the most relevant and influential organizations within the Travel and Hospitality Industry, which are IGLTA – International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, TZELL Travel Group and Signature Travel Network.

> CM by Carlos Melia
For the last 20 years I have been an independent Travel Agent with my own company CM by Carlos Melia focusing into the International Gay Market, having travelled and lived all over the world. 

I have worldwide travel expertise and I specialize into destinations such as Argentina, New York, Hong Kong, Panama, Uruguay among many others.

My firm commitment to you, and main purpose of my blog is – Been There Done That. All travel services and products reviewed, offered and featured, have previously been experienced, tested and approved personally by me or one of my customers.

> CarlosMeliaBlog.com
CarlosMeliaBlog.com is an open and dynamic source of information on independent travel reviews, tips, recommendations and news on hotels, restaurants, tours, destinations and other luxury travel related services/products worldwide, based on my own travel experiences as an OUT Gay Traveler. 

A platform for mainstream Tourism Offices and Travel Suppliers in general to narrow the existing gap between their services/products and the International Gay Market.CM by Carlos Melia reaches, through its own network, a total of over 70,000 contacts.

> Mr Gay International 2008
Former Mr Gay International 2008, I work along the main LGBT organizations worldwide, in support and endorsement of our rights and to assure everyone that indeed, It will be Better… Was elected among other 30 something contestants from all corners of the world, representing my native country Argentina. Final took place in Los Angeles, California. From 2009 till 2011 I took the responsibility of being Member of the Board of Directors and Regional Director for South/Central America, Mexico and The Caribbean for Mr Gay World. Position I stepped down this last May 2011 for professional and personal reasons.
> Carlos Melia International Press
During the last 20 years, I have been quoted, featured,  interviewed and consulted by some of the main leading Gay and Mainstream Magazines, Radios, TV Shows, Websites and blogs all over the world. Contributions on Gay Travel pieces, endorsement to  Gay Rights and Civil Causes, Charities and LGBT Associations. Nowadays one of my main  activities is Guest Speaking for Gay Travel and Lifestyle Events. From the BBC London to The New York Times, from Mainstream Trade  Magazines to Gay Publications. Check out the PRESS Section and Customer’s Feedback Section on  CarlosMeliaBlog.com for full clipping.
> The Gay Wedding Planner Indeed, The Gay Wedding Planner is my new project. I have booked my first big gay wedding for May 2012, for a very high profile couple to be covered by an A-List International Gay Publication, so I am very excited for this new chapter of my career.

Many countries have already passed the Same Sex Marriage Law, recognizing not only the rights to be equal, but also the economic impact that this decision has over the local economy of each country, boosting tourism, creating jobs and positioning destinations as Gay Friendly, welcoming and open minded.

I can assist you from the travel plans, to the wedding planning, event management and after honeymoon.