CarlosMeliaBlog was awarded ABC – AWESOME Blog Content  |  ABC  |  I am proud to accept the ABC award – AWESOME Blog Content. This award is very special, because it is granted by peer bloggers around the world, in my case by friend and colleague  Ivan Quitanilla at Traveling IQ. Now to accept this award, the rules mandate that I describe myself or my blog using every letter of the alphabet and pass on the award to six fellow bloggers.
The news are, that apparently I have made it to the porn industry, or at least that is how my friend and colleague Ivan has described me…. Thank you Ivan. So here I go with the description of I came up with using all the letters of the alphabet: Adventurous, Bespoke, Critical. Dynamic, Experiential, Frontal, Gay, Hyper, Independent , Jetsetter, Keen , Luxurious, Mind Blowing, Naturing, Observant, Proactive, Quintessential, Resourceful, Synergic, Trend Setting, Unique, Versatile, Witty, Xenil, Ying Yang, Zazzy.

Now as for my six nominations, well… I must be honest, I only read and follow a few other than the ones that have already been nominated. But here are my absolute favorites: Modern Tonic Gay-Approved Pop Culture Gems, OUT There Magazine Travel Blog Celebrating the many fascinating expressions of global queer culture that extends beyond the mainstream, Michael Romei Blog Real experiences of at real connoisseur, Domestic Daddy Fresh take on cooking, entertaining, decorating and other domestic arts and sciences from a real daddy living in New York and San Francisco, Gay Travel Blog connecting gay and lesbian travelers with gay friendly destinations, hotels, cruises and tours throughout the world and Purple Roofs Blog Daily Gay Travel stories. They are all AWESOME. CM

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