Cathay Pacific my experience |  Manila, The Philippines |  I have to admit that when they tell you straight up, that you will be spending your next 19 hours seating on a plan, I got very concern on the airlines I was about to pick and trust to get me from New York to Manila and Hong Kong, safe, entertained, well fed and in one piece. The name Cathay Pacific has sounded in my ears for years… so when I connected that with my ever longing dream of visiting Hong Kong, that was a no brainer for me and made my choice. And I have to admit I am VERY HAPPY with it. Cathay Pacific is the main gateway to ASIA and connection. 
My experience was pleasant, and very comfortable and accommodating from the beginning to the end. They took great care of me granting VIP access to their Lounges in JFK New York City (shared with British Airways at the Terrace Lounge ). And once on the plane since they were not able to upgrade me to a higher class, they block a full 3 seats row for myself, which indeed quite made the difference. From there on, for almost 15 hours the service was professional, cordial and welcoming.

A few things to point out, that it surprised me and I think could, at the moment of purchasing your ticket, be the key decision maker are. It is important that you know that Cathay Pacific is a one time purchase. Once you are on-board, you wont have to pay for headphones, or wine or others, very important. Before Boarding Experience: (1). Booking – Issuing and Check IN both online and at the airport went very smoothly. My check in time took less that 2 minutes, (2). The lounges both in New York and the 2 world class winning Lounges in Hong Kong are the best way to begin your trip into Asia and unwind on your connections.
During you flight: I would like to highlight a few amenities they offer, specially one in particular I have not seen before on a plane. They offer FREE access Power Outlets in every seat on every class. This is a picture of the cable cord of my iPhone 4. Their entertainment / information system on-board is impeccable, with over 10 selection on each category, most of them movies still being shown on the big screen. They provide with their own headsets at no cost.
In Economy Class, from JFK to Hong Kong, they provide you with 2 warm meals a la carte, with three choices. This was already impressive to me. Also the fact that the serve alcoholic beverages at no extra cost. Then on each connection in Asia you get at third meal. My only comment on this is that during the rest of the flight, the flight attendants seemed to have disappeared, and they were not coming down the aisles offering drinks. It is a long flight and you might get dehydrated.
The one thing that call my attention and have never seen before, correct me if I am wrong, was the AIRBAG Seat Belts on each seat.
One of the perks of flying the early afternoon flight from JFK to Hong Kong is, with no doubts the view of the North Pole with all the icebergs and white capped mountains, from your seat. I fully suggest you as your travel agent to prebook your seating arrangements for a Window Seat. (if flying NYC to Hong Kong and would also like to have the view of the sunset over the North Pole, go for the Left side of the aircraft.)
Cathay Pacific was born after World War II, by the hand of Roy and Sydney who spotted the opportunity to start passenger and cargo flights out of Shanghai. The name Cathay Pacific Airways, Cathay is the ancient name for China, and Pacific because the far-sighted Roy Farell speculated that one day the airline might fly across the ocean. Cathay Pacific’s head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport.
So I made it safely to Manila after a short connection in Hong Kong. I cannot wait to go back to Hong Kong next week to try their 2 award wining lounges. Also this month Cathay Pacific is launching the new configuration on their Business Class seats. Picture above is the current one, taken by me yesterday. Follow the link to see the new features Cathay Pacific New Business Class.
So MABUHAY !!!! everyone. I have just woken up for my first day in Manila and the Mr Gay World 2011 competition. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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