Cave and Sea Kayaking in Phranang Bay  | KrabiThailand  |  One of the many activities you can enjoy while being at Phranang Beach, other than laying down on the beach and drinking and eating till you die, ha ha ha, is Kayaking the turquoise and clear waters of the Andaman Sea and the caves of the limestone formations all around the Phranang Bay. I spent over 2 hours paddling around, jumping into the water, and snorkeling.

Krabi province is rich in natural wonders, all just minutes away from you. Phranang Beach, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, paradise for Rock Climbers from around the world. I still, cannot get over these fascinating limestone formations, which in their own way remain alive and slowly growing, as the have done for the last million of years. The perfect background for your kayaking experience.

While kayaking around this sea mountains, I discovered a few caves, with shallow waters inside and lots of marine life. Perfect spot to get off your kayak, stretch your legs and do some snorkeling. The waters of the Andaman Sea are very clear and warm in temperature. But hey hold on to your kayak, you do not want to have to swim all the way back to shore.
 Most hotels on the shore offer Kayak rentals, and in my case the Rayavadee Resort, provide them complimentary as part of your Krabi experience. Hop on and off, explore the caves, jump into the waters of the Phranang Bay, do some snorkeling or just retrieve to small beaches of your choice to have your own private beach experience.
Make sure to take the time to do Kayaking and then return to shore to enjoy great drinks and food at the beach bar of The Grotto. Is this supposed to be paradise on earth. ? @  Ravayadee Resort (Cave of the Princess), never better translated.  Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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