Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  My friend and colleague Douglas, owner of Purple Dragon Travel, phoned me up and told me… get ready for a ride, I will take your for dinner to a place where only locals go. Minutes after I was ready to go and experience a feast of local Thai food, and indeed that is what I got. When I told the concierge at my hotel that I was going to Che Koy, he looked at me and started laughing. He said … ” Carlos, how do you know about this place…” and that was the confirmation I needed to have to know it was going to be just brilliant.

Keep this handy, print it out and show it to your driver… that is what my concierge told me, and wrote the name of the restaurant and address in Thai. He said, otherwise you will never get there, although in the end was only 7 blocks away from my current hotel in the area of PhayaThai in Bangkok.  So over 8 dishes and one full shared bottle of Rum, I can say that it was FANTASTIC. Of course, being the only westerners in the whole restaurant was the sensation of the night, and not that I like to be the center of attention at all. Even worst, when my friend and colleague who speaks fluent proper Thai, opened his mouth to other, and the whole restaurant stared at us like we have just stepped out of an UFO. Tasty amazing food, brilliant Tom Yum. Mind the place, rustic, very local and on the rough path. But the experience and the food are both worth it, you always have time to fancy it out lounging at top local or international restaurants. Mingle with the locals. Total final price, including the Rum for two people – USD 20. Crazy isn’t it. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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