interviews Thomas Roth from Community Marketing Inc. ( Zurich, Switzerland ) • Community Marketing Inc. is the leader Gay and Lesbian Market Research and Education company, that has for the last 17 years served the GLBT Market and those interested on reaching out to them. In this interview, which was conducted during the 2nd. European Symposium on Gay and Lesbian Travel & Tourism, Thomas Roth shares with us some of his projects and components that take part of Community Marketing Inc.
15th. Community Marketing LGBT Survey • CMI releases the most comprehensive LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) market research report ever conducted, the Gay Consumer Index and the Lesbian Consumer Index. This year CMI will be releasing the 15th. edition of their survey. The link will be posted soon at
TAG Approved Accommodations •  TAG Approved Accommodations presents a unique opportunity for “gay-welcoming” hotels, resorts and B&Bs to qualify with objective standards, and cooperatively reach and serve the gay and lesbian community. Register today to unlock a new world of opportunity.Becoming a TAG Global Partner presents your company with a powerful package of education, communications and outreach services designed to help you reach LGBT travel consumers, and the media and travel professionals who serve them. CM by Carlos Melia has partnered together with Community Marketing Inc. to serve the South America Region recruiting and approving new Accommodations. ( to become TAG Approved do not hesitate to contact ME )
11th. Community Marketing International Conference on Gay & Lesbian Travel and Tourism ( 24 – 26 OCT, Las Vegas, USA ) • The “must-attend” educational & networking opportunity for Government Tourism Offices, CVBs, Destination Management Companies, Accommodations, Meeting Planners and Suppliers. Join colleagues from Australia to Berlin, from Los Angeles to Boston. Learn from your peers about sales and marketing opportunities in gay & lesbian independent travel, meetings and events.
I took part as a panelist at their last 2nd. European Symposium on Gay & Lesbian Travel and Tourism, sharing my experiences and knowledge on How to Market a Destination to the GLBT International Community.  For me has been an honor not only to assist to this symposium, but to be recognized and invited a a panelist of this highly prestigious organization, along with other of the most important GLBT Travel and Marketing professionals. Thank You Thomas Roth for your support and professionalism. CM