Coffee break at Haas in Cape Town  |  Cape Town, South Africa  |  Walking by the Bo Kaap Malay Quarters in Cape Town, we found this charismatic boutique Coffee Store on  67 Rose Street. Coffee by Strictly Coffee, a boutique coffee roaster and merchant set in the spectacular Robertson Valley.
The recently launched ‘haas coffee collective’ is an extension of ‘the haas design collective’. only three months after opening they have been voted one of the top five destinations for coffee in Cape Town. Their coffee beans are selected from relationship farms across the world. Both single origin and blended coffees are sold freshly packed under the ‘haas’ label. All their coffee beans are roasted in-house to ensure the production of a superior quality coffee.
 There you can drink the worlds most expensive coffee, ‘kopi luwak’, a coffee with the most unusual provenance . definitely not for the fainthearted… another favourite is of course the ‘haas’ blend. all ‘haas’ coffees are endorsed by ‘strictly coffee’. Their kitchen bakes fabulous muffins, croissants and a whole range of decadent cakes and pastries. a variety of delicious meals are served but booking is advisable. CM

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 This trip to South Africa and rest of Africa, has been flawlessly put together and coordinated by the expert hands of Rhino Africa Safaris. African based tour operator, with headquarters in Cape Town. Years of hands on experience in the region precede them, reason why I chose and trust them to be the partner for this African Experience. We both share the same philosophy, experiential travel and the concept of Been There Done That. Stay tuned, soon CM by Carlos Melia, and Rhino Africa Safaris will bring to you Small Gay Groups to Africa.