Customer Feedback Chris & Christine  |  Trip to Argentina  |  This is the email I got yesterday from two of my clients which spent a few weeks touring around Argentina, under my bespoke supervision and travel services. Two friends traveling together, one for the United States and her from the UK. Read through their feedback and recommendations. Always striving for better service and true Haute Experiences.


Hi Carlos:

Sorry it has taken me weeks to get back to you on this, but I’m finally resettled, back at work, and have time to do it properly. I’ve copied Christine in the event that she has anything to add.

Bayres Cars and Drivers in Buenos Aires – One driver shuttled us numerous times, and though his English was limited, we were able to communicate quite well. He was always prompt, polite, and helpful with bags. We did have a delay with our pick up from Iguazu. He arrived half an hour late.

4 hour private tour of Buenos Aires – This was a great activitiy for our first afternoon in the city and allowed us to figure out where we wanted to return and do some further exploring. The young woman who was our guide was great (I don’t remember her name, but maybe Christine did). Rather than use a rehearsed script, she was able to tailor some of her commentary based on our knowledge of the history of the city and country (or lack thereof), and was able to answer all of our questions.

Rojo Tango Show and Dinner – I have to admit I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy the evening, but it was far better than I could have anticipated. First off, the food and the service was fantastic, particularly the part where the wine glasses were constantly refilled. I’d seen some brochures for other Tango show venues, but found this one to be far more intimate, which made it much easier to take it in and not feel like it was a mindless Disney-like production. I would recommend this to anyone visiting the town.

Iguazu Argentina Side tour and Adventure Ride – Great guide….I wish I remembered his name, but I thought he did a great job of getting us through the park and crowds without too much difficulty. The trip into the falls was the highlight of the day and I think both of us would do it again given the opportunity.

Iguazu Brazil Side tour – Didn’t seem to be quite as smooth as the Argentine side, but enjoyed the views we got from the other side….and the close encounter with the coatis.

Iguazu Hotel Orquiedas – Good location, and being in a freestanding cabin made the visit very quiet. The location next door to the animal rescue facility allowed us to see lots of bird species and other animals up close that we may not have seen otherwise.

Estancia visit and San Antonio de Areco – We really enjoyed the time both in San Antonio de Areco, which Christine was thrilled to discover was the largest Irish population in Argentina. Guillermo went out of his way to show the commemmoration of the Irish President’s visit, and Christine took many photos of Irish names like O’Malley showing up in a sea of Martinez, Sanchez and other local surnames. The estancia was very nice, and the hospitality shown was fantastic. At least for me, lunch was the highlight.

Mendoza – Winery Tour – We were very happy that the staff at Hon Travel were able to arrange to meet us at the airport when the general strike disrupted our plans. Francisco was an excellent driver and guide and even arranged for us to visit a fourth winery which wasn’t on the original agenda. I think we both enjoyed the Piatelli winery the best, as it seemed to be a much smaller, intimate environment. I know we purchased the most wine there, and the guide provided an excellent restaurant for our Thanksgiving Dinner (Azafran) which was spectacular.

In addition, the restaurant recommendations were great, not a bad one in the lot. We can also recommend for you to check out Azafran in Mendoza and Aqua in Iguazu for your other clients.

Overall we were very pleased with all of the activities and arrangements. We were both too busy to plan our time in Argentina, but in turning over our itinerary over to you we ended up at places and doing things we would have never even thought were available, like the trip out to San Antonio de Areco. We also appreciated your availability and support when the driver in Iguazu didn’t provide us with our pick up times, and in particular getting the winery tour saved while we enjoyed the effects of an Argentine general strike. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service to anyone traveling to Argentina, and would call on you again for areas you’ve been to and have experienced.

We both thank you very much for the experiences.

Again, sorry for the feedback delay. ¡Feliz Navidad!



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