DEGUSTATION Wine & Tasting Bar  |  New York, United States  |  Yesterday both Rubin and I were invited to join a lovely couple for drinks at the East Village. When we asked for the name of the restaurant, they told us Degustation, so we got ready for a heavy night on drinks and no food. Well we could not be more wrong. Our afternoon turn into a fantastic gourmet experience in a very intimate atmosphere, with a tasting menu of seven steps chosen by the Chef Nicholas Licata.
Jack Lamb, whose culinary fiefdom includes Jewel Bako and Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar, has opened this elegant tapas bar featuring an intimate ninteen-seat, plain view of diners seated side-by-side at the food bar.
From USD 80 on you can enjoy a bold to harmonious selection of seven tapas, prepared right before your eyes. We personally matched them with one bottle of white and two bottles of red Spanish wines.
Among some of the dishes we tasted were:  Croquetas. Brussel Sprouts, white balsamic, clothbound cheddar. Crudo of diver scallop, fresno, fennel, lime. Octopus… mixing a bit of traditional franco-spanish cooking techniques, and bordering some molecular touches.
I won’t say was very original, but always a nice surprise, to mix pop-rocks with a citric fruit salad. Even the smallish tapas make perfect sense at DEGUSTATION. The dessert was a decadent caramelized Torija.
A lovely option for an intimate dinner, or a private event with other 18 friends or colleagues. Now I am quite interested to try their other two restaurants, which from what I have heard, keep the same exclusive ambiance. DEGUSTATION Wine & Tasting Bar / 239 E. 5th St., New York. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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