Den Gyldene Freden Restaurant | Stockholm, Sweden | One of the most traditional and chic 18th century Tavern that since 1972 has been serving authentic Swedish dishes. We had an amazing lunch right at the lower cellar vault. Located in the area of Gamla Stan, in the old town of Stockholm. It’s one of Sweden’s most well-known restaurants and the oldest restaurant in the world to have the same surroundings, which is noticed in the Guinness book of records.
In the two serving rooms, which have had the same layout since 1972, there is space for about 50 people. The lightning color scheme recreates the 18th. century ambience of the room. All the furniture, an unseparable part of the traditional Freden, has been meticulously restored with the help of skilled craftsmen.

Evert Taube, the famous Swedish composer and troubadour, made Den Gyldene Freden his second home for many many years. His regular table is a constant reminder of a much loved guest and distinguished entertainer. ‘Freden‘ as it’s locally called received its name from the famous peace of Nystad in which Russia won the most provinces but strangely and to a great joy (hence the golden) let Sweden keep Finland.

The lower cellar vault, was discovered during restoration work in 1920. The house hosting Freden is nowadays owned and thus secured for the future by The Swedish Academy. Every Thursday, The Academy (who nominate the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature) convene here for their weekly dinner.

Meatballs with cucumber, lingonberries and cream sauce ( USD 25 ).

Cured salmon with apple and pickled horseradish ( USD 20 ).

Of course, like every meal in Sweden with its side dish of Lingonberries and Potatoes. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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