Dinner at Hotel Particulier Montmartre  |  Paris, France  |  One of the thing I enjoy the most about traveling constantly, is research. Finding those new places, by local sources or friends, that usually are not available or popular with tourists. So two days ago, I asked everyone I knew in Paris, for a great restaurant option in the district of Montmartre, and most of them came up with the same exact three options: Le Coq Rico (the restaurant everyone is talking about in Paris) but not a valid option for us, since their concept is communal tables and that does not go with me. Le Moulin de la Galette and our choice for the night the tres mignon Hotel Particulier Montmartre. In all fairness, not the most polished service or best gourmet experience you will find in Paris, but the whole experience, the ambiance and the location, make it an outstanding experience, very romantic and unique indeed. As you arrive to Avenue Junot 23, you will ask yourself, where am I ???? well wait till you go through the private gates and arrive to the house.
Within the intimate recesses of this 19th century mansion, the boudoirs and sitting-rooms will henceforth favour the most consummate of experiences, a new form of ‘art de vivre’. In an ideal setting, guests are invited to partake in a lost paradise. Oscar Comtet, master of ceremonies, beckons visitors to indulge in multiple encounters.
Reception is open to the public for breakfast (or brunch on weekends), dinner and for bar service. By reservation only, Hotel Particulier Montmartre welcomes patrons Wednesday through Sunday in the drawing-rooms and, weather permitting, in the garden.On request, private dinners are available for a minimum of eight persons. This is a tailor-made experience to discover ‘art-house’ cuisine.
The menu is very succinct , with 3 options on each step and an extra of French Frommage experience, which of course we tried. Drinks, lets agree that are not France forte. Having been here for over a two weeks already, I have not found any venue able to put together a descent Dirty Vodka Martini, and most of them look at you perplexed when you say, can I have more Olives Juice ???? So once again we tried hoping this time they would get it right, but no… so we moved on to wine and Rose Veuve Clicquot.
First step, a wonderful Oeuf Cocotte wtih mushrooms, onions and herbs. So tasty and the mix of temperatures and textures, just a great way to begin a lovely evening.
Second step, Bar Fish with mushed potatoes. Presentation wise not a big hit, but tasty and very well cooked and garnished. Total cost of the dinner per person (EUR 145).

A jewel case in the last bit of historic Montmartre scrubland, nestled between the famous Avenue Junot and Rue Lepic, this vast Directorial style house is located in a unique spot. Facing the « Witch’s Rock » this former private home transformed in 2007 into a five-suite, luxury hotel is surrounded by both an exceptional private garden landscaped by the architect Louis Benech and a turn-of-the-century pétanque court. At the hotel, works of art and collectible objects are an integral part of the suites, lobbies and salons. They are not exposed as in a gallery but rather comprise the elements of the living space.
And after a lovely dinner and evening, we needed a walk. That is the magic of being in Montmartre, just steps away from the restaurant, we had this lovely views of the Eiffel Tower, and La Basilique  du Sacre Coeur Montmartre. What else can you ask for a perfect romantic evening. Unfortunately I was not able to see the Suites, since the hotel (of course) was fully booked, but a great reason to return soon. Bon Appetit. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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