Dog Sledding in the Arctic | Kiruna, Sweden | Who would imagine, that right after flying from New York to Stockholm and connecting to Kiruna in the Arctic, you will be greeted by over 3 dozens of Snow Dogs to transfer you to the ICEHOTEL. What an amazing and unexpected experience I will not forget for the rest of my life. The staff of the ICEHOTEL gave us our heavy Arctic gear and set us in a journey of approximately 2 hours, including a brief technical stop to taste local delicatessens and drinks, to an amazing white adventure. 

The wilderness around Jukkasjärvi is a landscape without roads. Their four-legged local transport can forge its own paths over the expanses of white snow. Experience the dream-like sensation of being close to everything – animals, snow and nature – with yourself in the center of it all. An exotic way to travel to ICEHOTEL. You will be given outer clothing at the airport. Your luggage will be taken directly to ICEHOTEL while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Dog Sled from Kiruna airport, an exotic and exciting way to begin or end your stay at ICEHOTEL. The actual dogsled journey takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The activity must be booked in advance. Flight arrival/departure time, flight number and clothes sizes must be specified at time of booking. Transportation of luggage to ICEHOTEL included.

Dog sledding by 12 dogs and a sled that takes four persons from the airport and three persons to the airport. Winter clothes, separate luggage handling from/to the airport. One guide per dog sled.
Just when you think you cannot take the arctic circle’s cold anymore, the dogs will slow down, and a typical nordic hut will appear, like a little mirage into the white dessert. The staff of the ICEHotel will invite you in welcoming you with a warm fire, great local dishes and some of the most famous Lingonberries drink. Once again an experience I will never forget and wanted to share with you all.
Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –
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