DOME Hotel, rustic boutique mountain hotel ( San Carlos de Bariloche, FREY Mountain Refuge, Catedral Mountain ). I was amazed by this hotel, not only by the obvious breathtaking views… but by the unique of its concept. A rustic mountain themed hotel/tent located on the stream of the lagoon of FREY Refuge.

After walking for almost 4 hours from the base of Catedral Mountain to the top at FREY Refuge, you would never expect or believe to find a hotel there. Well YES there it is…. !!! And on my next trip to San Carlos de Bariloche, be assured that I expect to spend a night there, enjoying the clear sky views and bonding with the local people.

Prices are very low, including diner and breakfast. Bookings in advance are EXTREMELY suggested, since at the moment there is only one tent available. Plans to add extra rooms are in the near future. For bookings do not hesitate to contact me.