Eating local in Saint Martin at the Lolo’s  |  Saint Martin  |  If you want to try the local cuisine of Saint Martin, then you need to behave like one, and usually that means having a meal experience at a classic Lolo. A lolo is basically a rudimentary version of a restaurant, were they serve local traditional dishes, grilled food, at very accessible prices. You will find Lolos spread all over Saint Martin, but after a serious research among locals, I found out that the two best options are located on the French side, minutes away from the capital of Marigot, along one of the most famous gourmet streets in the Caribbean, as it is Grand Case

Down and dirty Gourmet experience, that I enjoy so much, CHECKED. !!! Now if you wonder what LOLO stands for, is “Locally Own Locally Operated”. Lolos made my gastronomic option for the perfect lunch option in Saint Martin. The two that I found to be the best value are: The Talk of the Town and Sky is the Limit.

I came along with my tour guide, and pretty much followed his lead, not that I am experienced on this type of activities worldwide, but it is always interesting to learn from the locals. The menu included, Johnny Cakes, Stuffed Crab Shells and Plantains. So delicious and so cheap. I paid for both of us EUR 20. (and here is another tip, in Saint Martin on the French side they will give you EUR 1 = USD 1) so even a better deal. A must try while in Saint Martin, and then take a short stroll along the beach of Grand Case. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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