El Querandi Tango Show and Diner | Buenos Aires, Argentina | The Tango is, undoubtedly, the most authentic Argentinean artistic expression. Is is a genuine creation born in the late 19th. century right from the bottom of our pleople’s heart. Lewd, ruffian, and pretentious dance, with some rhythms from candombe (drum based musical form), and with milonga (popular music of the pampas and the Rio de la Plata) voices, which was originated in the cabarets, bordellos, and brothels.

It became known worldwide in the early 20th. century and was played in different ways: some times with artistic quality, others in an exaggerated way, by worldwide famous artists such as: Rodolfo Valentino, Charles Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, etc.  However, none of them could capture the true essence of the Argentinean Tango.

El Querandi ” with its show ” Our Tango ” tries to pay tribute to the popular feeling that originated this artistic expression which is a stamp of our identity worldwide. Following the story of the city of Buenos Aires and the Tango… from The Outskirts: El Compradito, to The Cabaret: Immigration, to Sung Tango ” Carlos Gardel”, then The Milonga (orchestra and dance) to end with the Modernism.
What differentiates El Querandi from other tango shows in the city, is that this is a great restaurant with a fantastic tango show. The house is located in the neighborhood of San Telmo. The stage is strategically located so you will always get a top view of the show, regardless where you are seated.

Since 1867 this big old house has been established in the historic center of the City. In 1920 it was founded as a bar and then, in 1992 restored; it is now considered by the Museum of the City of Buenos Aires as a “Living Evidence of the Civic Memory” and as a “Place of Tourist Interest” by the National Tourist Secretary.

Undoubtedly among one of the best options for Tango Show in the city of Buenos Aires. Cost: Tango Show + 3 courses Diner + Beverages USD 80 x person ( from 08.30PM to 11.30PM. Transfers to/from Hotel available upon request. Open daily ). CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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