El Tigre, Delta of Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  One of the last remaining growing Deltas in the world. Located only an hour away from the city of Buenos Aires, introduces a completely different experience, environment and option for those visiting. Situated in the north of Greater Buenos Aires 28 km from downtown Buenos Aires. The town sits on an island created by several small streams and rivers and was founded in 1820, after floods had destroyed other settlements in the area, then known as the Las Conchas Partido. Tours by Carlos Melia to EL TIGRE.

The area’s name derives from the “tigres” or jaguars that were hunted there, on occasions, in its early years. The area was first settled by Europeans who came to farm the land, and the port developed to serve the Delta and to bring fruit and wood from the Delta and ports upstream on the Paraná river. Tigre is still an important timber processing port. The “Puerto de Frutos” (fruit port) is now a crafts fair located in the old fruit market by the riverside. The Naval Museum is also nearby. Antiques shops, riverside restaurants and pubs, the casino and Parque de la Costa, an amusement park and its renowned natural beauty make Tigre a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

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El Tigre is a destination I would recommend either to spend a Full Day exploring or an Overnight to relax and truly absorb the spirit of what the locals call the Islands. Experience a complete different Buenos Aires… Check the full Photo Album (here)

El Tigre Estacion Fluvial, the neuralgic point of El Tigre and port of the Delta. One of the busiest spots in this district and the starting point for any of the activities you might want to take once here. This is also the arrival/departure point for the Water Taxi. From here the options are multiple and I will introduce only a few of them to you:

El Tigre Paseo Victorica, a promenade that runs along the Parana River with restaurants and bars with beautiful views of the Delta and the European heritage expressed by the architecture of buildings such as the La Marina Regatas Club or the Villa Julia Hotel. Paseo Victoria is name in honor to the famous plastic artist. Here I would suggest visiting the Art Museum Tigre, Museo Naval and not least the MATE Museum.

Art Museum Tigre, former hotel and casino. Declared National monument, with both permanent and itinerant expositions. Here you’ll be able to know the work of local eminences such us Victorica itself, Quinquela Martin, Butler and Fader… among others. All icons of the plastics art of Buenos Aires. There is a small cover fee to access the Museum, which is worth paying to not only enjoy the art exhibitions, but also the magnificence of the building and the views of the Parana river from the terrace.

El Tigre
How to move around the channels. There are a few options available that adjust to every wallet/budget and choice. Private Boats, Water Taxis are great and allow you to enjoy El Delta at your own pace. Please let me know if this is your choice to assist you with info and bookings. The way most locals do it is by Public Boats. The main lines are “Jilguero”, “Interisleña” and “Delta”. You will see that locals and tourists use this as a bus. Easy to find due to their characteristic looks of dark wood and white or beige roofs, usually crammed with bags full of groceries, bottles of water…

El Tigre
Other attractions are: Parque de la Costa (amusement park) opens SAT/SUN and Holidays from 11AM to 7PM.  Casino Trilenium (for those that love gambling, located across the Delta Train Station of the Tren de la Costa ). But with no doubt, the star is the Puerto de Frutos ( Port of Fruits ) open daily, but I would recommend visiting either SAT/SUN to get the real vibe and feeling of it. A local flea market where you will find everything from fruit, vegetable, local homemade products, artisans and more…

El Tigre

Posada la Escondida • Island Boutique Hotel.( video )A small hotel located 2o minutes away from the Estacion Fluvial of El Tigre. Access either by public boat “Jilguero line” or by private boat (provided by the Posada). A rustic, basic but full of charisma boutique hotel, with only 7 rooms, a private bungalow and a restaurant. Full relaxation, great local food and the personalized and friendly service of their owners. Spend the day enjoying outdoors activities such us: kayaking, trekking, water skiing, fishing… or just relaxing by the pool. WiFi access, Direct TV. TIP: do not stay longer that 01 night and ask for the Corner Room or the Private Bungalow. For bookings do not hesitate to contact me Carlos Melia

El Tigre

Villa Julia Hotel & Restaurant • located facing the Parana river, this Masion was built in 1906 by Engineer Maschwitz as his summer residence. It has been carefully restored and preserves it picturesque style of the early century even when other decorative elements were incorporated. The mansion is surrounded by a lavish garden with swimming pool. If your plan is to spend only the day at El Tigre, save some time to either do lunch or tea at their restaurant.

El Tigre Where to Eat.? My top recommendations are the following: Villa Julia Hotel and Restaurant ( Paseo Victorica. Breakfast/Lunch/Tea/Dinner ), Maria Lujan del Tigre ( Paseo Victorica, one of the only restaurants in the continent offering an outdoors terrace to the Parana River. See picture above ). El Gato Blanco ( www.gato-blanco.com – getting there will take most of your day, but you may consider it a full tour since you will have to take a public boat to get there sailing across the channels ).

El Tigre

Outdoors Activity are a must in this area. You may opt from many of the available options from Windsurfing to kayaking, trekking, biking, water skiing, fishing…. among others.

How to Get there. ? Getting there from/to the city of Buenos Aires is very easy and not expensive. There are several options:

(1). Water Taxi ( 1 hour 30 minutes approx. ) from/to Downtown Buenos Aires ( Puerto Madero / Darsena Norte ), to/from Estacion Fluvial El Tigre. With some of the best views of the city of Buenos Aires, Rio de la Plata and channels of El Tigre. ( USD 10 Round Trip x person ). Picture of the boat above.

(2). Regular Train + Tren de la Costa ( 1 hour 15 minutes approx. ) USD 3 per person each way. Take the “Mitre Line ” train at Retiro Train Station downtown Buenos Aires. Get off at Av. Maipu Station to combine with the Tren de la Costa to Delta. A nice touristic ride that will take you along the stream of Rio de la Plata, showing you different public and residential areas. With your train ticket you have the option to hop in/off at each station to better explore the region. Same instructions apply for your return.

(3). Bus + Tren de la Costa ( 1 hour 15 minutes approx. ) USD 3 per person each way. Best for those staying around the areas of Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano. Take the bus line # 152 that runs along Santa Fe Av. Get off at the train station of Av. Maipu. The bus stop is right after the President’s Residence. There same as explained above connect with the Tren de la Costa.

(4). Taxi ( 40 minutes approx. ) USD 30 each way. For those less adventurous. I would not do this… but hey it is an option.

El Tigre My recommendation is to mix it a bit taking the the Regular Train + Tren de la Costa ( from Buenos Aires to El Tigre ) and then the Water Taxi ( from El Tigre back to Buenos Aires ). (*) Check the full Photo Album EL TIGRE, Delta of Buenos AiresSpecial THANKS to: Ines Mooney ( Posada la Escondida ) – Queco ( Directo of the Tourism Office of El Tigre ) – Sturla – Villa Julia Hotel and Restaurant. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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