Emirates A380 Upper Deck Lounge and First Class  |  Emirates  |  Yesterday I have the chance to experience for the first time ever the new Airbus 380. Yes, the double deck monster of the air, in this case from Dubai to New York City by Emirates. As amazing and fabulous as it looks and feels, I must be honest and say that I was expecting more. Around 79 Business Seats and 19 First Class Suites. 
The big difference is not on the seat of how flat the bed get (FYI in Business is not full 180 bed). The most attractive features are the Upper Lounge where passengers congregate and flock over cocktails and drinks, on this comfortable sofas. And the Spa Suite, where ONLY those 19 lucky passengers flying on First Class, can have access to a full equipped bathroom including a standing shower. The Firs Class Suites, known for their privacy are very comfortable and modern with doors that close and allow you full privacy. The plan was almost brand new and everything looked amazing, big flat TV screen, final design touches in wood…. but again I have seen similar or better First Classes on the air. I think that the huge difference of Emirates is their service, where their crew is always looking and attentive to serve you. Food also is great as well. Reporting LIVE. CM

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