Enlightening session with Sir Roland Richardson  |  Baie Longue, Saint Martin  |  Known as the “Father of Caribbean Impressionism” this humble gentleman, born to a family whose French Caribbean heritage dates back to the 1700’s on the island of St. Martin, Mr. Richardson has recorded his culture over the past forty years with his paintbrush and palette. He paints pictures “en plein air”, working in the field, always from a living subject. 
He arrived sharply at 2PM to my Villa, with his magic box, his brushes, two white-blank canvas and his beautiful, full or paint stains, Julian Box. At the beginning I was a bit intimidated, I mean he is such an icon of the island, and I was in the presence of a man who not only has a list of patrons includes the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Romare Bearden, Martha Graham, Harry Belafonte, but has been knighted Sir Roland Richardson in 2007 for his lifelong artistic contribution to his community by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
But he broke the ice, with his sweet voice and perfect vocabulary and use of the words. He opened this little box he calls “the magic box”. Took a prism out of it, and went outside to place it near the pool. I thought to myself, what is he doing ? Well later on I was mesmerized by his lecture about life, color, dimensions over just a simple reflection on a blank wall.
From there on, we headed off to an incredible session, that lasted over 3 hours. An afternoon chatting about his life, future projects, potential mutual collaborations, while the light was ruling and measuring our time together.
What an INCREDIBLE UNIQUE way to spend my afternoon chatting with Sir Roland Richardson at the intimacy of my Villa at La Samanna, where he has his own gallery and weekly master classes, while he did my portrait. High and intoxicated on inspiration and admiration. To learn about his understanding of life, light, color and the intertwining of human beings through mind and energy, has been ENLIGHTENING.

I met Sir Roland Richardson, the previous day, at his gallery in Marigot – capital of the French side of Saint Martin. There he was doing a portrait of  renown local and international boxer Jesse Torres. After chatting for a while, and seeing him do what he does best, his wife saw me so into it, that shed asked ” would you like to have your portrait done ?, when are you leaving? “. I was in heaven… and I said really ? of course I would LOVE to.
An on-going exhibit of Sir Roland Richardson‘s work is featured at a beautifully restored 19th century Creole townhouse in Marigot, St. Martin, at 6 rue de la Republique, where nature abounds with the colors of the Caribbean. The Gallery is curated and administrated to detail by Laura, his wife. A  New Yorker that fell in love with the artist.
Visitors are invited to tour the historic home & concealed courtyard garden, rich with indigenous beauty and history, including stone-laid walls and soldiers barracks dating back to the court of Louis XVI, before the French Revolution of 1789.Get introduce you to a world of fine art filled with the light of the Caribbean by one of the region’s most respected artists, Sir Roland Richardson. More information on him and his art can be found at www.rolandrichardson.com. Special thanks to La Samanna, for making this possible and of course to Sir Roland Richardson and his lovely wife Laura.
Our session ended in a very funny way by Laura calling my Villa and saying …” Is my husband still there ? Oh my God Carlos, please get him out of there, we have a book signing at the Gallery and guests are starting to arrive…” He looked at me and laughed, saying …” is she mad ? just a few more touches…”. Such an honor. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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