EPCOT Center a sweet lovely nightmare  |  Orlando, United States  |  Today I spent the whole day at EPCOT Center, part of the Walt Disney World complex at Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida. Done EPCOT Center approximately over 10 times, and I must say that this time, although it is always a lovely experience, it was rather more like a sweet nightmare. Not my plan of a holiday anymore to be fully honest.

Thirty years ago, was my first time there, and at that time I remember it was quite mesmerizing, avant-garde and shocking, featuring cutting edge technology, the promise of a future life in Mars or the Moon…. among many other things. Nowadays the park and the whole offer, feels a bit outdated to me.
My favorite at EPCOT Center has always been and will be the area where countries from around the World are featured for their culture, dance, architecture and people. Most of the time I follow my itinerary, having lunch in Morocco, fish and chips in England, tea in China, a few shots of sake in Japan and dinner in France.
In all fairness, for those that have never been to the park before, from the reaction I perceived from the people around me, both adults and children, is that the park is still very entertaining. But in a way I think it has lost its edge and main purpose which was to show Tomorrow’s Land.
 Provably Mission Space has been my favorite attraction and ride this time. The worst I would give it to Universe of Energy, with a long and boring movie hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.
 I started the day with lots of energy and happy to spend the full day with my parents. Then I started fading, wearing out, getting tired, bored, and annoyed by the number of people out and about. At the end I was totally cranky, not interested at all and ready to head out back to my hotel. I either think I am getting old, or I have seen enough already, and my interest has shifted to other areas, that not particularly involve spending a full day at a park cueing for hours to go on a ride. But hey that is me.
Cost per tickets vary depending on the combo and number of park under the Disney franchise you plan to visit. My plan was and is only to do EPCOT so the price for the single ticket was USD 89. Enjoy your day at EPCOT. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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