Estancia Villa Maria the perfect venue for a Gay Wedding  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Selected as one of the prime states in South America, conveniently located only one hour away from the city of Buenos Aires, in the district of Maximiliano Paz you find this stunning old British-style manor house built in 1924 by Alejandro Bustillo, renown Argentinean architect. Estancia Villa Maria represents with excellence the concept of a a true Argentinean Estancia of the Belle Epoque. Turn nowadays into a small countryside hotel, and event venue surrounded by 74 hectares of incredible parklands including an outdoor pool, a private pond and Polo fields. In 2010 this estancia was chosen by famous Canadian singer Michael Buble for his wedding  which took place en Argentina. Now I happy to announce that will bring my first big project as a Gay Wedding Planner, to Estancia Villa Maria.  This was my second visit to the Estancia and I always want to come back for more.
I spent the full day today at the Estancia, ultimating all details, and I have to say that all staff, management and suppliers are happy and excited about this new project. Warm and friendly staff, local cuisine, great selection of wines, and the perfect combination between luxury, warmth and spontaneity. If you have the chance come and spend the night at one of the 11 suites, to me the time between 7pm on, is the best time to enjoy and appreciate the ambience and beauty of this old traditional Manor. See the post of my previous stay with videos of my suite and more @ Estancia Villa Maria. And please wish me luck on my new endeavor as a Gay Wedding Planner, although with this house on my side and their staff I am confident we will surpass expectations. Cheers. CM

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