Food for Thought in Covent Garden   |  London, UK   |  Are you at all into healthy vegan food ? or even better… are you into great food where the wonderful diversity of vegetables, pulses, fresh herbs and spices ensures that a meal without meat need be neither bland nor boring? then follow this advise, mind the facade looks of the restaurant nor the stairs to the basement, you are in for a real treat.
Food for Thought, offers simple nourishing bowls of food, freshly and lovingly prepared.  Great value for money too!  Refusing to be processed, microwaved, deep-frozen or standardized their cooking has evolved over the years to reflect changing tastes: the increasing popularity of Asian, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern dishes is evident.
Main dish was Moroccan Chickpea & Aubergine Bake with courgette, carrots, white cabbage, squash, topped with apricot, parsley & dill, in a tomato, cumin & mint sauce. (£4,90) and dessert, their signature Berrys Scrunch ((£4,00). Not to be missed, their AMAZING bread.
Seat on the floor, on one of their tiny 10 tables… that if you are lucky to get your place. The place is always full, but do not desperate, they also do catering and take-aways ha ha ha …. trust me, the food is AMAZING worth the wait. Classic example that not always GREAT things in life have to be either expensive or fancy. Food for (31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London).

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