Fotografiska Museet and Christopher Makos  | Stockholm, Sweden | What can go wrong when you gather and combine the best of the best in Art, Fashion, Charisma, Talent, along with iconic celebrities and you expose all these  into one of the most wonderful art venues right in Stockholm City.? You get a freaking AMAZING exposition where all your senses are challenged and take part, where you just want to remain there watching each piece for the thousand time. Fotografiska is a MUST see and visit during your visit to Stockholm. 
Fotografiska, strive to be a vital centre for contemporary photography. Their ambition is to exhibit world-renown photographers, many of who have never shown in Sweden. Located in the heart of Stockholm, the museum has an exhibition space of 2 500 square meters, and will feature 4 major exhibitions per year and approximately 15 – 20 minor exhibitions. At Fotografiska, they aim to engage and inspire a dialogue on photography via exhibitions, seminars, and courses. In addition to this, they work actively toward the acquisition of contemporary photography for their permanent collection.
Fotografiska is housed in a former industrial Art Nouveau style building dating from 1906. Designed by Ferdinand Boberg, the building was used for the customscontrol of goods, and is listed as a building of cultural interest. The original brickfacade of the beautiful customsbuilding is intact, while the interiors have been renovated to house the museum. The city of Stockholm has funded the 250 million crown restoration costs. In addition to the exhibition spaces, of 5 500 square meters, Fotografiska houses an academy, bistro, cafe, bar, conference rooms, museum shop, gallery, and event spaces.
We were lucky enough to come over to Fotografiska while the Lady Warhol exhibition was in place by renown photographer and artist Christopher Makos, who we had the honor and pleasure to meet on our flight on Business Class of SAS Scandinavian Airlines, from New York to Stockholm, and to be personally invited for the opening including a private and personal tour by him.
Fotografiska will be the first to exhibit Lady Warholby Christopher Makos. ( 09 DEC 2010 – 20 MAR 2011) Eight wigs, two days work, sixteen contact sheets, and fifty photographs comprise this unique series of portraits that depict Andy Warhol’s transformation to his alter ego Lady Warhol. Makos’ series at Fotografiska marks the first time the photographs have been shown together as a solo exhibition.
To me has been a journey to get to know Christopher Makos his work and passion. During his presentation he shared all his devotion for his work and life experiences presenting a naked canvas of his own life, fears, aspirations and motivations, in this case together with Andy Warhol’s alter ego Lady Warhol. Thank you Christopher for sharing your love for art and photography with all of us, we could not have asked for a better host.
The Lady Warhol project is the result of two friends’ intense collaboration over a 48-hour period in 1981. Warhol was the model and Makos the photographer. Christopher Makos, during this time, was inspired by Dadaism and Man Ray’s series of photographs of Marcel Duchamp wearing a dress under the name Rrose Sélavy.
”Andy and I were relaxed enough to let his grace and his awkwardness show. I see in these images openness and vulnerability and Andy’s need to express himself. These were parts of Andy that he rarely exposed in public, but I remember them well.” – Christopher Makos
The Fotografiska Museet presents alternative exhibitions all year round. Along with Lady Warhol, we have the pleasure to see the FASHION exhibition, which featured some of the most renown names in fashion photography in the world.
This group exhibition provides a representative overview of the development of fashion photography from its beginnings in the 1920s to the present. Based on the collection of Camera Work in Berlin, the exhibition features approximately 200 prints, many of them vintages, by 51 photographers.Fashion! guides us through an exhilarating visual journey of the various trends of fashion photography.
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