Full body scrub and facial at OASIS Spa  |  Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  I think that if I keep this trend, in two more weeks, I am going to look 20 years old back again… well maybe not but at least I will feel like it deeeeep inside. Yesterday I decided to go out of the comfort of my hotel and explore the local Spas in Chiang Mai. One name kept coming to me, referred by tourists and locals – OASIS Spa. So I set off to try it. I feel like my body cannot take any more massages for this week, I never though I would say this right, but indeed that is how I feel, so I went for alternative options.
OASiS Spa, is the ultimate Lanna Style Spa experience, where treatments are created combining the most effective ancient Thai herbs with cutting-edge expertise and added the professional pampering of highly trained therapists. Luxurious Spa designed with a Thai atmosphere to allow you to enjoy superior service without unnecessary formality. My choice was a two hours A la Cartre Treatment including a Full body Honey, Sesame & Cereal Scrub followed by a Oasis Royal Thai Facial. From the moment I saw my female therapist I knew I was in excellent hands. Of course she could not help it, and ended the treatment with a 15 minutes Thai Massage, which I highly appreciated. What is with this women, they love to give massages and they do it SOOOO well. OASIS Spa has also branches in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, to guarantee your relaxation while exploring Thailand. More information www.oasisspa.net. Enjoy.! Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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