Gay Wedding Planning week coming along GREAT  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Only two days away for the big day and main event, when Groom+Groom will say YES I DO and tie the knots for the eternal love…. yeah I am a romantic, can’t help it. ! Argentina was the country chosen by this Australian couple, to celebrate this special date, along with 50 of their closest friends and family flying from all corners of the world. I on my role of Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, took over the amazing and rewarding responsibility to become the official Wedding Planner and Travel Agent, and here I am back in Buenos Aires ultimating all details for the big day.
Today 04 Mathusalem Bottles of Champagne, CHECKED and delivered…. more to come. And cheers for Obama and his public position toward Same-Sex-Marriage, to…. get the gay vote, oooops sorry meant to say support the Gay Community, my bad. !!!! Anyhow final results are what count, same as Actions that follow Words. See my couple doing the news in ArgentinaCM

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