Giraffe Women of Long Neck Karen  |  Hill Tribe Villlages, Thailand  |  I have always wanted to see them in person, and of course Thailand does not disappoint me at all, there they are. Original from East Burma (Myanmar), this group of women have moved to Thailand to an area called Hilltribe Village, right in between the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai. I was truly surprised and captivated by their beauty, femininity, their voices and I must say the fact that yet today in 2011 the carry on with their traditions.
The Giraffe Women or Padang Tribe people are farmers of rice, tea, and tobacco. Most of them believe in spirits and Buddhism. On their necks and limbs, Padang women wear a brass spiral ring of which the length will increase when they get more aged and make their neck seem elongated.
She is part of the new generation of Giraffe Women. Their tradition will carry on in time, same that many call a curse. The visit to the Hilltribe Village, well I warn you, it might be a bit TOO touristy for my taste. But, if you same as me long to meet this intriguing women, see them up-close and learn from them, then take your chances and come to see them. For more information @ . Entry FEE TBH 500 (USD 16). Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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