GPS Carlos Melia busy working all over Thailand  | Thailand  |  Hi there everyone. I know I know, I have been a bit lazy lately not working much on my blog, but the truth is that while hosting the first ever US and Canada LGBT Press and Travel Professionals groups to Thailand, I have not had much time left. Right now waking up at the amazing Four Seasons Tented Camp in the region of Chiang Rai. Still three more days ahead before everyone heads back home with amazing tales and stories of this amazing country, so since I will be fully devoted to this, I invite you all to SUBSCRIBE to my Facebook Profile,  JOIN and LIKE my Facebook Page or FOLLOW me on Twitter, where you will be able to see hour by hour all the photos and videos of this incredible journey along and across Thailand. What is coming today ? well full morning training with the Elephants, and my girl Thong Kham to become a Mahout. Anyhow below a few photos and videos from the last few days, just a sneak peak. My reunion with Thong Kham was so emotional and has made me so happy. She was my elephant over 4 month ago when I came for the first time to the Golden Triangle, and now that I am back, there she was waiting for me. Sounds crazy, but the connection was still there, analogy to the movie Avatar, where they were bonding with their birds as an extension of their body, soul and mind. Nature never stops to surprise me.
In the last two weeks we have had all sort of experiences. Most of the members of the group have never before been to Thailand, and I was more than thrilled to show them and share with them, based on my previous experiences, all the shades of Thailand. This photo above was a private meeting we had with a local Buddhist monk in Chiang Mai, where he welcomed the group and blessed us with his prayers and chantings. (in the photo above from left to right Oscar R. with and, Bill H. with, the famous YouTube sensation Davey Wavey with,  Matt M. with, Stuart H. with Passport Magazine and CM myself.)

Time to relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Golden Triangle at the stunning Four Seasons Tented Camp. So bare with me before I go back to my full blogging mode Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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