GPS Carlos Melia heading to Saint Martin  |  Saint Martin, The Caribbean  |  Last minute. So much for my quiet time at home in New York. Here we go again, and this time work will take me, one more time, on a glamorous commission in The Caribbean for Orient-Express. Invited by La Samanna by Belmond, I am heading off, this Wednesday for three nights, to Saint Martin in The Caribbean, for the first time. I am not the biggest fan of The Caribbean, but being the proximity to St Barth – destination that I do enjoy very much, I am open to give it a try and be surprised. Looking forward to explore the French side of the island. Will be reporting everything here so stay tuned. 

This morning I woke up thinking… Which would be my ideal living itinerary, now that I am older and settled.? Seated sipping through my coffee I came up with this list, based on previous experiences that have left a mark in my life. I would have my headquarters between Hong Kong and London. I would keep my work between New York and Paris. I would vacation at the French Riviera and Lake Garda. Would take weekend getaways to Saint Barthelemy and Luang Phrabang. I would seek for creative moments in Stockholm, Sweden and search for inspiration and motivation in Varanasi, India. I would spend Christmas in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my family and New Years in Greece. Whenever I find some time away from work, I would fly to Thailand and from there move around the region going to Japan, Indonesia, India, Turkey among others… How does this sound.???

I already know those places I would never come back again. Those Been There Done That and no need to come back EVER moments, that I can disclose in PVT.

Still on Carlos Melia Travel Bucket List are: Mongolia, China, Morocco, Israel, Iceland, Colombia and Montenegro. The world is becoming smaller and smaller. Been around the world three times already, and counting for the forth. But hey fortunatelly some of these destinations, are already confirmed and hapenning in 2013. HAPPY WEEK everyone. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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