GPS Carlos Melia my Weekend in Los Angeles so far  |  Los Angeles, United States  |  Good Morning everyone.!!! From Beverly Hills. The L’Ermitage Hotel where I am staying is FAB. It grows on me day by day. It is like your private residence at one of the mos exclusive Zip Codes in the World. My day yesterday was amazing, some here, and more below. Excited about my day today… Brunch at the iconic and exclusive Beverly Hills Hotel at the Polo Lounge, which promises to be THE HAUTE EXPERIENCE, then off to Malibu for the rest of the day, with a stop at the Getty Museum. Tonight dinner at Culina by the Four Seasons Hotel, nothing wrong with that right. Hope you all enjoying my photos and posts.
So I got ready yesterday, for our afternoon and evening out in Santa Monica, which felt like quite promising and it was in many ways, and not in many others. We jumped into our private transfers by DIVA Limos, and drove for over thirty minutes from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica.
Being based in Beverly Hills, it is quite difficult to get used to other areas, but my face light up when I saw the water and the sand. I am a pisces, so it is my nature. But not when on my new blue suit, yeah I know what was I thinking, but hey I am working here. Our first stop was The Virecoy Hotel in Santa Monica. Young, hip, trendy design concept, design and atmosphere. The hotel has a great location. To be fully honest the hotel looks a bit tired, but they are planning major renovations soon. Regardless, the pool area was quite chic and sexy, and must say all the staff was quite professional and friendly. There are not that many five star options in Santa Monica, and if you are looking for a young vibe, then this should be among your first options.
There we were hosted by Sandrine, at one of their pool cabanas, with a fantastic mediterranean menu display and chilled champagne along with the whole team at First in Service Travel. This was quite lovely, social and we had a wonderful time. BTW the rent of this cabanas go from USD 600 the hour.
Since our dinner plans were at 7.30PM, we had some time to walk along the boardwalk of Santa Monica, and of course my first stop was… Muscle Beach, actually I was walking all the way to the Santa Monica Pier, but I never made it… wonder why right
The sunset was perfect. !!!! So we sat on to watch life pass by. I truly like Santa Monica. I must say it is more my style compared to neighbor Venice Beach. But time was ticking and we head back to our next stops and site inspections Casa del Mar Hotel and Shutters on the Beach. OH Boy…. that was quite an experience.
I was not amazed at all by either property. Both look VERY tired and the service was rather unprofessional, disorganized and rude. Their slogan is, living on the EDGE, and I could not agree more. They even told us, what do you expect this is Santa Monica. Such a shame, since both properties have a huge potential, and an idyllic location to do very well. But the worst was yet to come. Coast the featured restaurant at Shutters on the Beach, was one of the worst restaurant experiences I have had in a long time. Let’s agree on this, Los Angeles is not the best gourmet destination in the United States, we all know that, but this was a complete disgrace. Would not recommend it to anyone I LIKE ha ha ha…

So as fast as we could, we exited the restaurant, jumped back into our private transportation and head back home to the lovely, sophisticated and quiet L’Ermitage Hotel, where the whole staff was waiting for us with open arms and an array for desserts and drinks next to the fire place. This is service, at least I think so. More later CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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