Guaranteed marriage in 96 hours in Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   One of the many things I am doing while visiting Buenos Aires is planning my second Big Gay Wedding in Buenos Aires and my fourth worldwide. Many things have changed, in favor to foreigners willing to tie the knot in Argentina, since my last LGBT Wedding. After passing the Same Sex Marriage, becoming the second country in America to approve this right, many foreigners flocked to have their failed attempt to have their Porteño version of a wedding, regardless gay or straight. From now on, the local authorities (despite all the bureaucracy) guarantee to get you married within 96 hours of arrival to the country. Well this is my marketing line…. ha ha ha honestly is 96 working hours from the moment you start the process at the City Hall.


Authorities must arbitrate “all necessary means to facilitate the shift to applications relevant” to “not to defeat the spirit and the effectuation of the will of the requirements for which purposes may not, under any circumstances, provide bats with a term greater than 5 (five) days. “Moreover, “the documents and certificates issued as a result of this provision shall not be discriminatory nor contain any pattern that actually limit the principle of equality before the law.” Among the arguments, the resolution states that “the Law 26,618 (equal marriage) is configured as useful and effective guarantee of the right to form a family, without any discriminatory pattern based on sexual orientation as an obstacle to oppose normative or factual “. Therefore, “any foreigner to enter, transit or reside” in Argentina may marry under the civil marriage law, “without nationality may be invoked as a normative or factual obstacles to their full enjoyment.” (source Pagina 12)


Transitory Residency
The modification to the law, article 2nd… provide that hereafter shall be accepted as proof of transitory residency, notarized copy of passport and / or official immigration document, which must contain the reference address CABA and minimum stay period and / or permanence.


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