Heathrow Express easy way into London  |  London, England  |  OK I get it. You just flew into London, and already overwhelmed by the UK prices…. and on top of that, when you asked for a taxi to any of the surrounding areas in Central London, Zone 1 or 2, they told you 65 pounds. Well do not desperate, I felt the same way until I found the Heathrow Express service.
For only 18 pounds each way (or 32 pounds Round Trip) you can get from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Tube Station in less than 15 minutes. Modern and comfortable cars, with the option of Economy Class or First Class in case you fancy that. Add extra 3 pounds to connect with any tube or bus service from Paddington to your final destination.
Heading back to Heathrow Airport from Paddington ? Even easier… you can Check IN and get your boarding passes at Paddington Station, and drop your luggage once at Heathrow. Get your boarding pass and hop on the train. Easy and affordable. Save your pounds for the rest of your stay. Trust me you will need it. CM

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